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Unlike traditional app publishing solutions, InterRed approach offers a variable mix of magazine and live content that creates a complete digital brand experience for the recipient.

The App as a brand experience

This brand experience can replace the one-to-one mapping of a print newspaper or magazine commonly seen in the digital domain. As the magazine or newspaper "of the future", the apps from InterRed AppPublishing clearly offer an added value to users. For example, users can combine live areas with modules, pre-configured or individually designed, to integrate cutting-edge content and functionality directly within the app. Regardless of whether a simple news section should be added to the website or other added value sections such as "apartment deals near you", "dealers near you" or "local football results". InterRed AppPublishing allows you to combine online content with location-relevant information and maps or offer products based on the user's Facebook profile. Similarly, animated magazine covers or automatic article summaries can be integrated as teasers.

The published editions can then be purchased through an integrated checkout system or read free-of-charge with a subscription. Even a mix of free and paid articles within a single edition is easy to achieve by implementing a paywall concept. Editions can also be made available offline for users to access even when an internet service is not available. We have paid special attention in our solution to allowing publications to be delivered as device-optimised data packets to avoid unnecessary data loads by transferring the smallest amount of data possible, a product highlight and a major advantage over slow (mobile) internet connections.

The option of offering e-papers is also integrated. From an integrated kiosk, through the integration of different regional editions, an individually selectable detail, PDF or reading mode view, the possibility of automatic downloading of new editions, to the integrated e-paper archive, all relevant e-paper functions are available. The app also supports the correct counting by the IVW, both for the e-paper edition and for the online counts in the news section. Functions such as the automatic generation of issues from the print product, the publication of an e-paper the evening before and the high added value in the enrichment of multimedia content such as videos and picture galleries also support content strategies such as "digital first".

InterRed E-Paper

In addition to the display of all articles, the newsoriented live area offers a special top news mode, which displays selected content in a high-quality media format at the start of the app - intuitively and with a preview of the respective article or video.

All of these features go far beyond what is usually included in a pure app-based edition of a publication. Compared to print media, an advantage is that additional content such as news, audio and video elements, location-based services or functional gadgets expand the use of smartphone and tablet editions to actual live experiences, to create access to a daily, mobile brand experience.

Smart TVs as an additional output channel

Besides smartphones and tablets InterRed AppPublishing also supports Smart TVs as an output channel, for example, Apple TV. Articles, pictures, videos, and other content can thus be spread over an additional medium - including paid content and innovative credit system.

Get an impression in the sample video:

Newspaper app solution

The advantages of InterRed AppPublishing, which has been optimized especially for newspapers, include the high flexibility, the range of functions and the integration of numerous monetization models.

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