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Unlike traditional app publishing solutions, the InterRed approach offers a diverse mix of magazine / newspaper and news content, providing a complete digital brand experience for recipients.
These native apps for iOS and Android can integrate e-paper, image galleries, videos, audios / podcasts and interactive areas such as own or external websites via webview. At the same time, a wide variety of monetisation models are supported.

The App as a brand experience

This brand experience replaces the otherwise often familiar one-to-one reproduction of a print newspaper or magazine in the digital realm. As a digital magazine or newspaper, the apps created with InterRed AppPublishing offer users clear added value.

The published issues can be purchased in a dedicated newsstand or read free of charge in a subscription. A mixture of free and paid articles within an issue according to the paywall concept is also easy to realise. Issues are thereby offline-capable, enabling the consumer to use them even if there is no longer online access after loading.

Also integrated is the possibility to offer e-paper. All relevant e-paper functions are available, from an integrated newsstand, the integration of different regional editions / variants, brochures and inserts, an individually selectable touch-optimised PDF view (print layout) or reading mode view, the possibility of automatically downloading new editions, to the integrated e-paper archive. The app also supports the correct counting by IVW, both for the e-paper circulation and for the online counts in the news section. Functions such as the automatic generation of issues from the print product, the publication of a pre-evening e-paper as well as the high added value in the enrichment of multimedia content such as videos, audios and image galleries also support content strategies such as "digital first".

InterRed AppPublishing using the example of Spotlight magazine

The news-oriented live area offers an attractive, configurable grid display that presents the content in a high-quality media format - intuitively and with a preview of the respective article or video. All these functionalities go far beyond the usual purchase of a pure e-paper edition. Because additional content such as news, audio and video elements, location-based services or functional gadgets, in contrast to print media, extend the smartphone and tablet editions published with InterRed to real live experiences and thus create access to the daily, mobile brand experience. InterRed also offers pure web e-papers that do not require the installation of a separate app.

InterRed Web E-Paper using DBZ - Deutsche Bauzeitschrift as an example

InterRed E-Paper

The solution for automated e-paper, for web and app. All relevant e-paper functions are available, from an integrated kiosk to the integration of different regional editions, an individually selectable detail, PDF or reading mode view, the option of automatically downloading new editions, and an integrated e-paper archive.

InterRed E-Paper

Bauwelt: Print, Online, App

Read here why Bauverlag with Bauwelt relies on InterRed for all media channels.

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