Image editing

InterRed comprises the image editing functions that are important for efficient editorial work. Beside the automated scaling of images for specific output formats (print, online etc.) and output sizes (website teaser, thumbnails, image galleries etc.), InterRed provides an integrated image editing, enabling, for example, format conversion, sizes adjustment, effects such as pixelation or blurring, rotation and the integration of brandings.

By setting an image focus, the automatic trimming can be supplemented by individual wishes. As a result, the focus of an image is always on the spot, which is particularly relevant to the particular context.

Furthermore, the user is able to make use of a cropping function. Thereby, specific details of an image can be selected und used. These cut out image details automatically scale to the defined image size. The cropping function can, for example, be used to insert different details of one image into various articles or output channels.

The additional usage of the common image editing applications becomes unnecessary in many cases, due to the image editing of InterRed.