Crossmedia Publishing

In many companies, the developments in the media sector have lead to divergent work processes for the creation and output of content for print, online and mobile. Texts are repeatedly recorded, images are scanned multiple times for various purposes, layouts are designed several times, etc. This costs time and money and is unnecessary, especially when the same information should be used in several different media, for example brochures, internet or App.

The content management system InterRed provides, with its media-neutral storage of images, texts and multi-media files, as well as with the definable output via standard interfaces and the connection to databases and XML-import/export, the basis to establish reusable stocks of information and to reduce the time-consuming work processes of the production of publications. As InterRed does not convert the content between the different media (cross-media), but does generate it from a central content-pool, real Multi Channel Publishing is made possible.

InterRed Online offers the publishing for the online section, InterRed Print for the print section, InterRed AppPublishing for the app section and InterRed Enterprise for the intra-/extranet. The combination of these editions results in a comprehensive multi-channel publishing solution.