InterRed PIM: Product Information Management

Sales and marketing materials for all channels

With InterRed you manage your product data media-neutral in a central solution. This enables the fast and efficient creation of sales and marketing materials for all media channels, whether for print, online, social media, apps, CaaS or, e.g. via interfaces, for other publications. So you create targeted media for a successful product experience.

With the help of powerful and highly integrative functions such as comprehensive workflow management, intelligent synchronization of content and the combination of CMS (Content Management System), DAM (Digital Asset Management), editorial system and planning tool, all marketing materials can be created and sales channels served across all media, e.g. websites, shops, e-commerce, marketplaces, catalogs, PDFs and e-paper, social media platforms, blogs, intranets, employee magazines or apps for smartphones and tablets.

Simple operation and effective integration

The work with InterRed's product information management is completely browser-based, platform-independent and therefore location-independent. Functions such as the automated translation of content provide valuable support for multilingual workflows. By versioning the content, the life cycle of a content is always traceable. At the same time, thanks to standard interfaces, the necessary integration of third-party systems (e.g. merchandise management systems, CRM, etc.) is easily and effectively possible. InterRed PIM (Product Information Management) is fully integrated into the existing IT and system landscape.

Due to the manifold and expandable possibilities that the future-proof solution InterRed already provides, an interface-free application is often possible. Thanks to the high scalability of InterRed, even extensive data volumes and high user numbers do not pose a challenge for an agile deployment in global environments. Thanks to the AI component, the InterRed ContentAgents, large amounts of data and many contents (keyword Big Data) can be used optimally for product information management.

Catalog management

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The included features of InterRed PIM (Product Information Management).

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