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Automatic layout, AI-based, automated print production: Generating a newspaper, a magazine, an e-paper, as well as print products such as flyers, brochures, etc., fully automatically, without additional effort, opens up completely new perspectives. This is made possible for the first time by InterRed SmartPaper.

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The editorial system InterRed Print

For publishers, media companies, corporate publishing and content marketing

The demands on the production of print publications have changed dramatically in recent years. Whether newspapers or other periodicals, annual reports or catalogs, media publishers or industrial companies, articles, product information, financial results or other content: the print sector requires expertise, resources and in part, specialised workflows. One of the most important topics at the moment is print automation with AI-based technologies. InterRed SmartPaper offers a comprehensive overall solution here.

Editing and layout

As a central editing and production system, the InterRed editorial system provides users with the technology to support both editing and layout from initial subject research to planning, followed by the drafting and design of the content through to the final publication.

This allows expertise and resources to be bundled into highly optimised workflows. The resulting savings in terms of time and costs can then flow directly into the quality of the final print products.

In this case, the editorial system InterRed is suitable both for publishers and media companies (newspapers, magazines, etc.) as well as for corporate publishing (company magazine, customer magazine, brochures, annual reports, catalogs, etc.). At the same time InterRed is suitable as a multi channel publishing solution with integrated modules for different output channels. This means that InterRed customers are not bound to a certain "first" strategy, but can decide for each individual content whether it should be used "Digital first", "Print first", "Mobile first" etc.

Publishers and media companies

InterRed Print supports publishers in their print production.

Corporate Publishing

Corporate publishers in particular continually face the same challenges as media houses, and therefore need solutions often similar to those used in the publishing industry, not just in terms of their editorial organisation.

Publisher information system

Book publishers are facing the challenge of digitalization for some time now.

Catalog management

Create catalogs and flyers for your products, services and your company with InterRed.

Catalog management

Traditionally, catalogs are part of the main instruments for presentation and sale of products. Additionally, they influence the image of a company in the public. Therefore, high quality is of special importance. Up-to-dateness, short product cycles and focussing on the target groups are factors that increase time and cost pressure.

InterRed Print is the solution: The Multi Channel Publishing System administrates content media-neutral and centrally. It allows efficient teamwork due to Versioning, Business-Process-,comprehensive Workflow-, and Rights-Management. Thereby, the production times are shortened and the complexity is reduced. InterRed Print is provided with interfaces to established DTP-products, thereby enabling designers to continue working with their familiar tools. Additionally, InterRed provides the possibility to integrate enterprise resource planning, ERP- and CRM-systems. Data and contents do only have to be entered into a program once and can then be used in various ways.

Recording product data

The contents are produced fast, efficient and with the help of familiar or self-explanatory tools. Changes are automatically adopted in all attached media. Thereby, you stay flexible up to the last minute and you are able to update contents 'at the push of a button' at any time.

Your advantages:

  • Easy browser-based operating
  • Use of the familiar office applications
  • Table assistant
  • Integration of existent backend-systems
  • Integration of CRM, ERP and enterprise resource planning

Administrating product data

The central administration of the contents simplifies all processes, from the input to the output. The quick finding of information by full-text and structured search, comparisons of different versions, rights management of employees and external agencies shorten production processes and simplify the coordination between the involved persons. Comprehensive multilingualism (all languages are supported) and data exchange formats enable the production of catalogs by various company sites and the focussing on the target groups.

Your advantages:

  • Central media-neutral administration of the contents
  • Synergy- and savings potential by multiple usage
  • LDAP-connection and user administration
  • Versioning and Business-Process-Management for easy controlling
  • Automated data imports
  • Support of XML, Java, JDF
  • multilingualism

Designing catalogs

InterRed sets no limits for the creativity in designing. It is provided with bidirectional interfaces to the current DTP-applications. Thereby, products can be worked on directly in the DTP. Preview and Proof do at any time assure that the produced catalogs will have the wanted appearance. Due to the integrated control station you do always have the overview.

Your advantages:

  • Having the overview with the integrated control station
  • Use of established DTP-software
  • Preview and Proof support controlling

Creating catalogs

Personalized catalogs, that focus on target groups, are as easily possible as different price lists. Until the date of printing, the data, for example prices, can be updated 'at the push of a button'.

Your advantages:

  • Publication 'at the push of a button'
  • Multi-utilization of once entered data
  • Catalogs focus on target groups
  • Integrated online-shop

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