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Staff magazines, customer magazines, business reports, apps, websites and brand communities

Manage all digital and print channels by InterRed with a central and convergent tool of corporate publishing.

The multichannel publishing solution InterRed does not only provide the basis for easily storing and managing all journalistic and editorial content of a company, but also the possibility to make this available to the respective reader in the desired format, with the purpose of strengthening the Corporate Identity and standardizing the brand management. This could, for example, be in the form of a staff magazine for active and past employees, or in the form of automatically integrating the content of the staff magazine into the in-house intranet.

You want to increase the customer loyalty by a respective magazine, while at the same time using the content for other purposes in a cross-medial way. Or you want to standardize the process of generating business reports, with having the flexibility of using various output channels. No matter if you want to optimize editorial processes, or if you want to integrate these in terms of strengthening the corporate identity – at all times, with the InterRed Content Management System you can be sure to have found the ideal product for the convergence of your Corporate Publishing Channels, due to its longtime operating experience and its optimal applicability for industry and publishers:

  • Staff magazine - print and online
  • Cross-medial customer magazines
  • Investor Relationship Management
  • Brand communities

Content Marketing

With support of the content management and editorial system InterRed it is possible to conduct successful content marketing. Content marketing is a variant of online marketing for the provision of high quality information for customer acquisition and also customer retention. In contrast to and as a differentiation from conventional measures in advertising, content marketing offers the users clear added value through the provision of useful information and knowledge.

In this case content can mean various different types of content, such as text, images, videos or also podcasts. In the form of, for example, tutorials, advisory pages or also dictionaries, content marketing offers users more than just empty phrases or superlatives. The company that is providing the information can thus present them as an expert, and rise above the other suppliers through the specialist knowledge that is offered.

Due to progressive digitalisation the dialogue with (potential) customers can today be established much more simply and faster than with purely classic channels. At the same time there is also the advantage of better proof of success, as sustainable measurement of factors such as strength of reach is possible with various procedures.

Big Data

The steadily growing amount of data in companies represents a source and opportunity for added value that should not be underestimated. These days, data, especially in the digital world, are an important further factor of production alongside classic factors such as capital and workforce.

At the same tine however the usage of this data is a great challenge, as most of it is available in an unstructured way and thus makes up a majority of the available content. It is thus a matter of efficiently managing the ever growing data volumes, and being able to analyse and understand them and use them lucratively. This is the point where Big Data sets in, which means the fast and efficient analysis of large data volumes from various sources for economic utilisation. InterRed supports companies in this challenge, for instance with the InterRed Content Agents, which operate fully automatically as an extensive knowledge management software. For this there is no manual "work" necessary, and there is also no requirement for additional information (meta data) or creation of a complex order structure. Through automation the content agents amortise themselves very quickly in comparison to semi-automated approaches.

Multi-Channel Marketing

The InterRed product family can also extensively support companies in the sector of multichannel marketing, with parallel usage of different distribution channels. In order to reach different groups of (potential) customers via various distribution channels the usage and linkage of channels such as print, online, tablet and mobile is first required. Through this kind of integrated (brand) communication via all relevant output channels a holistic multi-channel marketing can subsequently follow.

The multichannel publishing with InterRed also supports companies in their multi-channel marketing activities. Through the usage of various channels while at the same time including a specific target group approach, information can reach the customers where it is suitable. Whether it is the usage of content at the same time for a web shop, a catalog and a business division: Through the central approach of InterRed the information is always available wherever it is required - and this both from the side of the customer and also for the advertised company.


With e-commerce (electronic commerce) it is for the most part a about online shopping and the sale of products or services via the internet.

The content management system InterRed supports its users in this field with, amongst other things, integrated online shop functionality. In connection with the possibilities of search engine optimization and app publishing, successful e-commerce offerings can be created and managed with which customers have the possibility to proceed through the purchasing process almost without any delays. Whether it is a browse-able online catalog, specific apps for tablet or mobile, or purely an online shop: With InterRed e-commerce applications are efficiently realisable.

KPI supported marketing and content performance

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are key figures which are increasingly relevant to companies, and which give an indication of the company performance. As operational parameters, work flows and processes can thus be evaluated, monitored and, if necessary, regulated or also optimised.

In connection with the web reporting took InterRed LiveReporting the KPIs relevant to marketing can be measured and optimally used. Whether it is the traffic on the website including exact visits, page impressions, the length of visit as well as other relevant user data, the evaluation of newsletter ordering, the requests via an online form, the conversion rate (CR) or also the cost per click or cost per lead: In connection to the content management system InterRed and the web reporting software InterRed LiveReporting, optimal KPI supported marketing is possible.

Included in these analyses are also the analysis of content performance: To find out which created content functioned in which way, which text was read (for how long), which videos were watched (when), which podcasts were listened to and where the path of the user subsequently led is of vital importance in order to be able to continually improve content creation and the type of presentation. This is not only relevant to the user: Through optimised content the ranking in search engines such as Google can also experience an increased efficiency. For this InterRed supports users, amongst other things, with the SEOport concept.

Print, Online, App

The multi channel publishing of InterRed opens up entirely new possibilities for publishers, agencies and enterprises and meets the increasing requirements of the media industry. Content management, app publishing and editorial system are combined.

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VDI Wissensforum

The VDI Wissensforum, part of the VDI Group (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e.V.), has decided to use the InterRed editorial system. The integrated media production of information material for more than 1,700 events annually is now held with the new publishing solution.

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