FlowEditor: WYSIWYG editor with integrated AI (Computer Aided Writing)

The solution for perfect content

The unique InterRed FlowEditor is the focal point for editors, copywriters and all other content creators in their daily work with their content in the multi-channel publishing solution InterRed. The integrated artificial intelligence of InterRed ContentAgents enables true computer aided writing. With the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) functionality, users can see the created content in exactly the design, layout and output channel it will look like after publication. Online articles can thus be created and edited directly in a live view of how the content will really look after publishing. And features such as integrated digital asset management (DAM), image and video editing, and intelligent content synchronization provide optimal support for modern storytelling and strategies such as digital first.

Creativity in flow: InterRed FlowEditor unleashes the potential of content creation (image created with Leonardo Ai)

InterRed FlowEditor: Create, design, publish - effortlessly and efficiently.

  • Live view: see how content will look even before it is published. WYSIWYG editing perfection for all output channels, e.g. desktop, mobile, tablet.
  • AI integration: The future of content creation.
  • Storytelling: flexible content building blocks, fast integration of social media posts, tables, images, videos, quotes, etc.
  • Digital asset management: direct access to assets such as images and videos
  • Image and video editing: e.g. scaling, effects, cropping, image focus, output formats, etc.
  • SEO: Search engine optimization through automatic linking, speaking URLs, metadata, etc.
  • Workflow management: Teamwork - collaborate on content with tasks, comments, workflow stages.

Integrated AI

The InterRed FlowEditor: WYSIWYG editor with integrated AI

Digital Asset Management

Seamless access to digital assets such as images and videos

Storytelling Building Blocks

Quick integration of elements such as social media posts

The fusion of creativity and technology: Integrated AI (artificial intelligence) for Computer Aided Writing

The unique selling point here is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). Numerous AI-supported functions make it possible to save an enormous amount of time when working with content. At the same time, InterRed's SmartAI ensures that AI support remains reliable and traceable. This is because every change, addition, creation or conversion of text and other content is documented and supported with source information attached to the text. This is what InterRed's SmartAI offers.

The seamless integration of the AI solution (InterRed ContentAgents) into the InterRed FlowEditor makes artificial intelligence effortlessly available. This makes it possible, for example, to generate headlines, subheadings, bulleted lists, introductions, teaser texts, summaries and social media posts (such as Twitter tweets) while writing in the editor with a simple click of a button. With AI running in the background and always supporting, users can simply get on with their work in a flexible way. Thanks to SmartAI, this all always happens reliably according to individual specifications. And the full integration into FlowEditor offers a unique advantage over solutions that only connect similar and external AI tools.

In order to provide optimized support for a wide variety of tasks, various specialized ContentAgents have been created. Here is a selection of what they do:

  • Professional text analysis - more than spelling & grammar
  • Automated creation of bulleted lists
  • Automated creation of summaries
  • Automated stylistic rewriting
  • Automated creation of titles (also SEO-optimized)
  • Automated, SEO-optimized linking based on SERP data
  • Content analysis with rankability check (SERP data) and trends (search volume)
  • Video and audio transcription with time-locatable texts (when is what spoken by whom)

Content creators are optimally supported by the integrated AI of InterRed ContentAgents (image created with Leonardo Ai)

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Print automation with AI

Automatic layout, AI-based, automated print production: Generating a newspaper, a magazine, an e-paper, as well as print products such as flyers, brochures, etc., fully automatically, without additional effort, opens up completely new perspectives. This is made possible for the first time by InterRed SmartPaper.

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