Content strategy: Digital First, Print First, Mobile First,...

InterRed is designed as a multi channel solution. Therefore the system is suitable for all content strategies, e.g. "Digital First", "Print First" or "Mobile First".

InterRed is a multi channel publishing solution with integrated modules for different output channels. Therefore InterRed customers are not bound to a certain "first" strategy, but can decide for each single content whether it should be used "digital first", "print first", "mobile first" etc. This high degree of flexibility makes it possible to pursue any desired content strategy, publishing strategy and communication strategy.

Various functions of the individual InterRed editions support users in successfully implementing the respective strategy.

In the case of a "print first" strategy, for example, this includes the print layout in the browser or the creation of media-neutral content without leaving the DTP tool.

For customers who follow the "digital first" strategy, this includes the possibilities of storytelling and search engine optimization.

If the "mobile first" strategy is preferred, automatic e-paper generation or various paid content models are particularly relevant.

No matter which strategy is pursued, functions such as the digital asset management integrated in InterRed, the integrated topic planning or also the intelligent synchronisation of content support customers in every type of publishing.