InterRed SmartPaper: Automatic layout, print automation with AI

The InterRed editorial system offers the automated creation of print products as a special highlight. Generating a newspaper, magazine, e-paper or print products such as flyers, brochures, etc. fully automatically without additional effort opens up completely new perspectives. InterRed SmartPaper makes this possible for the first time.

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Print automation with artificial intelligence (AI)

InterRed SmartPaper offers revolutionary, AI-based print automation for a cost-effective print production solution.

The future of print automation has arrived - and it's called InterRed SmartPaper. With advanced artificial intelligence-based technology, newspapers, magazines, e-papers and other print layout-based products can be produced fully automatically and cost-effectively.

InterRed SmartPaper thus offers a groundbreaking solution that takes media production to a new level. The automated creation of print products without additional effort opens up completely new perspectives for publishers and other companies.

Print automation at the highest level

With InterRed SmartPaper, print automation is more intelligent than ever before. The system enables automated content selection and automated page layout, which significantly speeds up and simplifies the entire production process. By defining the degrees of freedom, you retain full control over the process while the AI does the work in the background.

The "face" of the print product is retained

With InterRed SmartPaper, you can be sure that the print layouts and print products created meet the exact requirements. The corporate design is adhered to so that the "face" of the print products is always retained. Whether it is a newspaper, magazine, e-paper or other print media - thanks to the intelligent automation of InterRed SmartPaper, the products created always look the way they should and present your brand with a consistent and professional appearance.

Automated page layout

Thanks to InterRed SmartPaper's automated page layout, designing print products becomes an effortless and efficient process. The software takes care of the placement of text, images and other elements on the pages fully automatically. Attention is paid not only to aesthetics, but also to an intuitive layout that optimizes readability and visual flow. This saves valuable time and offers the reliability that every layout is professionally and attractively designed.

Cost-effective solution for every need

InterRed SmartPaper not only offers efficient automation of print products, but also enables significant cost savings. The automated processes not only reduce production times, but also the associated personnel costs. It also eliminates the need for manual corrections and adjustments, which minimizes errors and avoids additional expenses. The ability to create print products without additional work significantly reduces overall costs and makes InterRed SmartPaper a cost-effective solution for publishers and companies. This leaves more room to make optimum use of creative capacities and to concentrate on developing high-quality content that inspires and retains readers.

Artificial intelligence: SmartAI - sticks to limits you can rely on

This technology, which works with the support of artificial intelligence (AI), is thus revolutionizing print production. At the same time, the typical appearance of the print edition is retained. This also enables the optimal implementation of publishing strategies such as digital first. With such digital publishing-focused approaches, AI-based automation capabilities achieve great benefits and can significantly increase the efficiency of print production. Since much of the work involved in creating print pages is in the area of layout, there is great potential here for optimizing the corresponding workflows.

The functions of the InterRed publishing solution free editors and layouters from time-consuming writing on line of articles. As a completely browser-based editorial system, the possibilities of InterRed are available in the browser, independent of location and flexible in use. Online or even agency content can be selected automatically according to certain specifications (e.g. KPIs). Everything else is handled by the integrated AI solution, an artificial intelligence called SmartAI. This keeps to limits that can be relied on. The fact that newspapers created at the push of a button, for example, retain their typical appearance is a decisive advantage. AI methods follow rules that are very easy to define. Once defined, the AI does not perform layout operations beyond the defined limits, so the software controls itself. Among other things, InterRed SmartPaper uses the artificial intelligence of InterRed ContentAgents and thus InterRed SmartAI technologies for automations.


Both the daily newspaper DIE WELT and the weekly newspaper WELT am SONNTAG are to be produced with the InterRed editorial system in future. Automation of production processes with the InterRed SmartPaper solution is planned for the daily newspaper.

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