SEOport (Search Engine Optimization)

The field of search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming increasingly important for small, as well as large online portals. At the focus of this is an increase in the number of website visitors, and, even more, the aim to direct respective target groups straightly to desired sites. The user often wants to find specific information when making use of search engines as Google. A website operator, in contrary, wants his thematically matching site to be found by the search and to be visited.

Beside techniques as the automatic generation of speaking URLs, InterRed has developed a comprehensive solution to address this goal. By combining the newest technologies, as semantic analysis, independent hotspot recognition and automatically created landing pages, a new level of search engine optimization is reached.

The concept of InterRed SEOport enables the targeted and comprehensive search engine optimization of online portals on the basis of InterRed. User interests, as well as current trends, are easily identified and analysed. At the same time, the editor can analyse the substance of the own texts and, if necessary, process them with regard to the target group. For this, the InterRed ContentAgents, which semantically identify topics, and InterRed LiveReporting, which indentifies hotspots, work closely together. The results of this extensive trend-scouting are merged in the content management system InterRed. The editor can work with this information and optimally react to the user behavior, for example by creating an appropriate landing page “at the push of a button”. With the possibility to check the own ranking, as well as that of competitors, regarding the specific topics and trends, InterRed SEOport offers versatile support for search engine optimization.

InterRed SEOport enables the editor…

  • … to recognize the demand of users for specific topics
  • … to request the substance of the own texts regarding these topics
  • … to identify the ranking of the own site and of the sites of competitors concerning topics in demand
  • … to start campaigns „at the push of a button“, for example by creating landing pages

The goal: Increasing website attractiveness by focusing on user demands.