Campaign, measure and topic planning

The cross-media campaign, measure and topic planning integrated in InterRed makes it possible to design and organise campaigns, measures and larger topics with multiple contents for different media and associated tasks.

The entire process of content creation is accompanied by topic planning, from collecting initial ideas to managing content in terms of time and content to planning playout and publication, e.g. in different media channels.

Users have an optimal overview of the respective status of one or more campaigns, measures and topics at all times. In combination with the Business Process Management, which is also integrated in InterRed, tasks, deadlines, milestones and other important information can be queried, created and coordinated at any time in order to meet deadlines and schedules.

By combining this with the workflow management, which is also integrated in InterRed, the entire content planning process can be mapped.

In combination with InterRed ContentAgents, the AI component of InterRed, the InterRed TopicMeter function can also be used to check how extensively a planned topic has already been covered, both in one's own content pool to avoid multiple productions and by the competition (requires InterRed ContentAgents licence).