Multi Channel Publishing / Crossmedia Publishing with InterRed

One solution for all channels

The multi channel publishing or crossmedia publishing of InterRed opens up entirely new possibilities for publishers, agencies and enterprises and meets the increasing requirements of the media industry.

The growing number of different media channels results in increasing demands on the technical basis of publishing systems. Beside print and online, mobile and tablet are also of importance today. With intelligent TVs, the next relevant output channel is emerging. Without suitable software which supports all these output channels and meets highest demands, many of these media could not be produced.

Using synergies is an important aspect when selecting a suitable multi channel publishing system. Already existing content should be located and reused easily and be published in various channels. This does not only comprise the (unidirectional) output, but also the bidirectional (import and export) options.

With the concept "Multi Channel – One Solution", InterRed continues its steady way of media-neutral data storage. This enables content being created, processed and published into various media channels with just one tool, while at the same time allowing for the specialties of the individual media, regarding technique, design and content.

Technical aspects comprise the support of different output sizes, formats and resolutions, creative aspects comprise the various possibilities of presentation, and the aspect content concerns the media-specific user behavior. In addition to technology, multi channel publishing and crossmedia publishing also takes the economics of the multimedia world into account. Information, also media-specific, is entered and managed collectively and centrally. The decision about how and in which order the channels are supplied is thereby no longer a matter of workflow, but can be decided about individually for each article. The technology carries out the transformation.

As a uniform tool that operates and manages all media, the integrated overall solution from InterRed can be used for all as well as for individual output channels. The separate editions of InterRed exist for this purpose. At the same time, InterRed customers are not bound to a specific "first" strategy, but can decide for each individual content whether it should be used "digital first", "print first", "mobile first" etc.


The editorial system InterRed Print is the future-proof basis for your print products.

InterRed Print


InterRed Online is the future-proof web content management system for your websites.

InterRed Online


InterRed Social offers social media management and community management for social networks.

InterRed Social


InterRed App Publishing is the solution for your future-proof tablet and smartphone apps.

InterRed AppPublishing

Bauwelt: Print, Online, App

Read here why Bauverlag with Bauwelt relies on InterRed for all media channels.

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Artificial intelligence, state-of-the-art knowledge management, intelligent search.

InterRed ContentAgents


Live access to website analyses, web reporting in real time, immediate success control.

InterRed LiveReporting

Saarbrücker Zeitungsgruppe

The Saarbrücker Zeitungsgruppe is the first publisher of the Rheinische Post Mediengruppe to successfully convert its print, online and app production to InterRed, the publishing solution.

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