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The InterRed ContentHub is the solution for planning, creating and managing content. As a digital asset management solution, users from all areas of the company work within a central, browser-based platform and complete their tasks and workflows on a uniform, technological basis. This includes all content-related processes: Action and topic planning, content creation, content management, digital asset management, but also communication and workflow management as well as modules from the field of AI and data analytics.

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Marketing Resource Management: Central content hub for all content, all assets

For publishers and publishers (magazines, newspapers, e-papers, websites, social media, apps) as well as for marketing or corporate communications departments in companies of all industries, a central content hub is suitable as a common communication platform.

Often, content creators, editors, layouters, newsroom staff, marketing or even social media managers spend a lot of time searching for the "right" assets. This includes texts, images, videos, but also documents, tables, flyers, translations of different languages, metadata, etc.. Sometimes these are scattered in different systems (e.g. ERP, DAM, PIM, CRM, CMS, DMS,...). This makes searching and finding information time-consuming. At the same time, tasks and workflows are to be coordinated, topics, campaigns and measures planned, and projects executed more efficiently.

The solution to this is a central content hub that brings all this information together. As marketing resource management, this data can be stored both in the InterRed ContentHub itself and via connected and already existing systems. InterRed thus offers the consolidation of all systems, data, content and processes and a media-neutral and future-proof administration. This enables multiple use and exploitation of content. New media and publications can be created from content, e.g. for websites, social media portals, print publications, apps or even e-papers. This can be done either directly from the InterRed ContentHub or optionally by forwarding to the corresponding third-party systems.

More than digital asset management: planning, creation, management, analysis.

As a digital asset management solution, the InterRed ContentHub not only stores all content in one system. It serves as the central technology and hub for all content planning, creation and management. Numerous modules and functions are integrated into the solution for this purpose.

Measures- and topic-planning

With the integrated action and topic planning, topics, campaigns, actions and tasks can be planned for a department, a complete editorial team or for the entire company. In this way, all types of content can be planned in InterRed, from the beginning, such as collecting initial ideas, to the output of finished content in the appropriate media channels.

Content creation and content management

The entire content creation and management process is integrated in the InterRed ContentHub. Media-neutral data management allows content to be created and then used for different types of media, whether print or digital channels.

An integrated WYSIWYG editor facilitates the content creation process, as do integrated tools for image and video editing. And features like smart content syncing make multiple uses, reuses, and potential changes a breeze.

Digital Asset Management

The InterRed ContentHub serves as a complete digital asset management solution for the central management of all content assets, be it text, images, videos, audio files, documents, metadata or other content elements. Searching and finding the required assets, for example, within the integrated media database, is greatly simplified by numerous options such as automatic tagging, extensive filter and search options, as well as, for example, elements of image recognition from the AI field.

Communication and workflow management

InterRed integrates numerous functions for communication and workflow management with its extensive business process management. The possibilities of configurable workflow stages enable automatisms and automatic notifications. This way, employees never lose sight of their versions and intermediate statuses of content to be processed, the respective responsibilities or even deadlines. The integrated task management facilitates communication among each other and optimizes work on planned topics, articles, texts, images, videos and other content.

Artificial intelligence (AI) / data analytics: automation for digital, print and translations

Additional modules expand the overall InterRed solution to include further features with high added value. The seamless integration of artificial intelligence (AI) is supported by automated processes and extends across various digital platforms, print media and translations. This includes the creation of content (creation), the transformation of assets adapted to the specific channels (transformation) and the targeted selection and placement of content for various distribution channels (curation). This advanced technology not only enables automation in the digital sector (websites, social media, apps, etc.), but also the automatic generation of print products, including newspapers, magazines and e-papers.

InterRed's AI-based translation provides valuable support for multilingual workflows. This enables a global approach tailored to the target group, which strengthens customer loyalty and creates synergy effects on various levels. Regardless of whether it concerns complete publication media, individual articles, product descriptions, press releases or other content: The seamless integration of additional tools such as intelligent content synchronization (InterRed MediaSync) or business process management (comments, task, workflow and rights management) enables quick and uncomplicated adaptation processes as well as an interactive exchange for global markets.

The AI component of InterRed, InterRed ContentAgents, also independently and automatically recognizes people, products, companies and other entities and links them together via a semantic network. As a result, content "knows" about each other and provides users with helpful contextual information about content in the system at all times. Relevant recommendations of related content on your own online portals enable website visitors to interact more with your own content. And current topics and trends on external websites of other companies can also be recognized without human input. Finally, in conjunction with InterRed LiveReporting and the possibilities of web reporting (website statistics), all the advantages of data analysis are combined.

More than a content hub, more than digital asset management (DAM)

InterRed as a total solution is much more than a central content hub and DAM / Digital Asset Management. Integrated are comprehensive solutions that can be used for content publishing if required. This further enhances the ContentHub with extremely comprehensive functions. These include the optionally available technically integrated modulesprint editorial system, the web content management system (Web CMS), the app publishing solution, the e-paper solution and the product information system (PIM). The complete solution can also be supplemented by modules from the areas of artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics.

Channels & Modules

InterRed as a complete solution is much more than a central content hub and digital asset management (DAM). Optionally available and technically integrated are modules that can be used for content publishing if required. In addition to the possibility of connecting to other systems, the ContentHub with its extensive functions is thereby greatly expanded once again.


InterRed Online is the future-proof web content management system for your websites.

InterRed Online


InterRed SmartAI is the reliable artificial intelligence (AI) that respects boundaries and rules.

InterRed ContentAgents


InterRed App Publishing is the solution for your future-proof tablet and smartphone apps.

InterRed AppPublishing


The comprehensive digital asset management solution for planning, creating and managing content.

InterRed ContentHub

Multi Channel

The all-in-one solution for publishing and media houses, for all channels - Multi Channel Publishing with InterRed: online, social, print and app.

InterRed Multi Channel Publishing


The editorial system InterRed Print is the future-proof technology for your print products.

InterRed Print


Artificial intelligence, state-of-the-art knowledge management, intelligent search.

InterRed ContentAgents


Live access to website analyses, web reporting in real time, immediate success control.

InterRed LiveReporting


The following features or modules for InterRed are optionally available.

Bühler Group opts for InterRed

The Swiss Bühler Group, a leading global technology group for the food and mobility industry, has taken another step towards digital transformation. By choosing InterRed as a comprehensive content, digital asset management and AI solution, Bühler plans to set new standards in the management and automation of digital content and global content delivery.

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