Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM), i.e. the mapping, organization and administration of processes in companies, has become an important internal component as a function for process optimization. It also occupies a significant position for professional software solutions.

To meet this requirement, the InterRed Business Process Engine was developed and integrated into InterRed. This consists of the following areas and functions, among others. In addition, the Business Process Engine is designed for the integration of external applications, so that external processes can be linked with InterRed processes.


Task lists can contain either group-oriented or individual-oriented tasks. For group-oriented tasks, the to-do must be completed by each group member before it is listed as completed. For individual-oriented tasks, only one member of the receiving group needs to complete the to-do to change the workflow.


Content can be commented on in InterRed, be it text, images or videos. Markups can be set and comments added for both online and print content creation, which in turn can be edited and marked as completed by other staff members.


Both system and e-mail notifications can be distributed via InterRed. This allows employees to keep track of comments, important topics, tasks or workflows, for example, and to be reminded of them at defined times.

Workflow management

InterRed has a comprehensive, integrated workflow and process management. Workflow stages can be provided with rules and actions in order to advance tasks, content, topics and projects both manually and automatically.

In addition, there are deputy rules. These make it possible to define deputies for possible absences, who can then act "on behalf". Another important component of the BPM engine is the "escalation mechanism". This enables work to be completed in a timely and targeted manner. Thus, after configurable events (e.g. timeout), the next work group is assigned the task. Automatic notification of the persons concerned is also provided for in the system.

Rights definition

An integrated rights definition supports different departments as well as project groups and units to ensure that only those areas are visible to which they should have access.