Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM), meaning the illustration, organization and administration of enterprise processes, has become an important element for process optimizations. It is also of growing importance for professional Content Management Systems.

On the basis of these requirements, the InterRed Business Process Engine has been developed and integrated into the Content Management System InterRed. Thereby, task lists can be provided, either for groups or individuals. In case of group-oriented tasks, the 'To-Do' has to be finished by each group member, before it can be marked as completed. Regarding individual-oriented tasks, only one group member has to finish the 'To-Do' to change the work flow.

Furthermore, substitution arrangements exist, which enable the definition of a replacing person for absence times, who can act on behalf of the absent person. Another important element of the BPM-engine are the 'escalation mechanisms', supporting users in completing their work targeted and in time. For example, by setting special events (e.g. exceeding of a time limit) the work is given to the next work group. An automatic notification of the involved persons is also integrated in the system.

Additionally, the Business Process Engine is designed for the connection to external applications, enabling the linking of external processes to InterRed processes.