InterRed Enterprise

Future-proof intranets and extranets

Intranets have developed from a discussible option to a central, important company technology. Using them, company knowledge can be created and used just-in-time, faster, more targeted and comprehensively. Regarding ROI, and even more for strategic aims, an intranet is an economic solution. A high-performance intranet is more than an end in itself. It stands for renown for the company and appreciation for the own employees, for whom a modern, efficient intranet is a central tool of communication.

A crucial factor for success is the flexible technical basis of the enterprise CMS. Only if ideas, concepts and processes can be realized without complex programming work, the intended objectives can be reached.

InterRed Enterprise is successfully operated as an ECMS for intranets, extranets and enterprise portals since many years. The functionality of the software exceeds the requirements described here by far, and is further enlarged by the integrative product family of the InterRed GmbH in the fieldsprint publications (InterRed Print), web portals (InterRed Online), app publishing (InterRed AppPublishing), knowledge management (InterRed ContentAgents) and web reporting (InterRed LiveReporting).


The following features or modules for InterRed are optionally available.

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