Table Designer

The Table Designer is used to create and edit tables within the browser-based InterRed Content Management and Editing System. While doing so, the user can choose from two options: either creating a completely distinctive table, or copying entire tables from programs such as Microsoft Office (Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word) or Open Office (Calc) using “copy & paste”. For the latter option, cells that are already merged, links, and paragraph and character styles are retained on transfer and can therefore still be used in InterRed.

Building a completely new table directly in InterRed

At building a completely new table directly in InterRed, which handling is familiar from programs such as Microsoft Excel assist in making the operation of various functions quicker and easier. This includes, among other things, inserting rows and columns, undo/redo step-by-step, resizing cells by dragging the mouse, selecting entire columns or rows, multiple selection and merging and unmerging cells. Also, the formatting of individual elements within a table with WYSIWYG-functions (“What You See Is What You Get”) is possible.

Alongside this, the Table Assistant, which is also integrated into InterRed, supports the user in importing data from external sources and in the media-neutral editing of this content in table format. As a result, editors, among others, have the option of creating database queries without knowledge of programming and in individual steps, and therefore of generating tables from this.