Office-suits like Microsoft Office or OpenOffice are part of the office standard in companies. With regular training, the maintenance of the own office-lexicon (spell checker, thesaurus, etc.) and the adjustment of the software to the own requirements, know-how is built up and processes are simplified.

Via the Office-interface, InterRed offers the possibility to create and edit content in the familiar office environment. InterRed serves as the central administration server for the content and the templates.

The respective content is transferred to the word processing programme on the local workplace and can be transferred back to the system after editing. This process does not only include the text elements, but also the graphics.

As an extension of the Office-functionalities, InterRed stores all content media-neutral in the database and ensures version security through the integrated versioning, as well as the certainty that a document is not inadvertently edited by several employees at the same time.