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The growing spread of smartphones and tablets has experienced a rapid increase in recent years. The above-average frequent and intensive use in contrast to other output media is an important aspect for publishers. Users appreciate the opportunity to have desired information and content at any time and at any place to get the access to the latest content mostly before the print editions and to use search and archive options.

Mobile devices have changed the reading habits of publications even more quickly and extensively than the stationary internet. Websites were largely used for quick research and to gain a short news overview. They had low stay duration and low click rates. Smartphones and to an even greater extent the tablet instead encourage relaxed lingering. In the field of Trade & Industry multimedia channels offer significantly more value in comparison to print catalogues and printed customer magazines.

Publishers, media houses, corporate publishers but equally trade & industry are forced to deal with this subject if they want to stop themselves from being classified as old-fashioned or if they do not want to be overtaken by competitors. Depending on demand and the revenue model many different technological approaches are used for the creation of tablet and smartphone publications. From individually designed publications per edition, to template based semi-automatically created publications or 1:1 e-papers taken directly from the print version, all variations are worth considering.

In order to cater for the various needs and revenue models, InterRed offers two intelligent options for App publishing, which we would like to present to you at this point. We look forward to hearing from you so that we can provide you with an appropriate recommendation.

InterRed AppPublishing

As a production tool for digital publications InterRed App Publishing is the key solution for apps and also a component of our multi-channel publishing solution.

InterRed AppPublishing

Producing an attractively designed app using the usual tools is often time consuming, requires special expertise and consequently often considerable financial resources.

InterRed AppPublishing, on the other hand, offers a completely different, steam-lined option. Their services are aimed at all those wishing to create stylish, media-friendly tablet and smartphone versions of magazines, newspapers, catalogues, brochures and other print or online items, and with minimum effort. The target group for apps generated by InterRed AppPublishing is broad and includes virtually all tablet and smartphone users with an interest in media and brands previously only available in print or on a conventional website.

InterRed AppPublishing exists in two versions: as a news-oriented solution (for newspapers, for example) and as a magazine version (for magazines, promotional materials, etc.). This creates a central brand access, which is a unique feature unlike other similar solutions.

The apps of Spotlight, Bauverlag, Aachener Zeitung or Westdeutsche Zeitung are examples for the InterRed AppPublishing technology.

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InterRed AppPublishing: for newspapers, magazines, catalogues or promotional materials. Learn more about the product and a complete, digital branding experience for your recipients.

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InterRed E-Paper

The solution for automated e-paper, for web and app. All relevant e-paper functions are available, from an integrated kiosk to the integration of different regional editions, an individually selectable detail, PDF or reading mode view, the option of automatically downloading new editions, and an integrated e-paper archive.

InterRed E-Paper

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