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InterRed: Future Publishing Solutions

InterRed GmbH develops and distributes software solutions based on the latest information technology. InterRed is one of the technologically leading providers in the fields of content management (CMS), editorial system, multi channel publishing and offers future-proof print, web, tablet and mobile solutions for newspapers/magazines, corporate publishing and content marketing.

Trends - Research - Strategies

The company was founded in the early 1990s as a university spin-off. From the beginning, the focus was placed on the development of database-supported information management systems. The idea to create a centralized content management system for all output channels emerged in the mid-1990s. After the development of the centralized, browser-based system core, the content management module, our first output channel was the Internet, which was still in its infancy at the time. Our ideas and developments are based on three pillars right from the early days.


We always observe and evaluate current trends and incorporate them into our software development. This enables InterRed to stay on the cutting edge of technology and often means that the company is a step ahead when a new trend becomes a standard. In fact, the early recognition of trends and the evaluation of the necessary solutions often provide us with the opportunity of being among the first companies to support "the next big thing". For example, we recognized the importance of Web 2.0 at an early stage before the onset of social media, and were able to use and implement it for our customers.

However, InterRed also attaches great importance to long-term development. Research is an important foundation in this context.


We work in cooperation with various universities in several research areas. Our priorities here include both basic research with long-term goals and short-term research and studies aimed at optimizing InterRed's solutions.

Regardless of the specific area of research and whether it is related to multi-channel publishing, usability, knowledge management or even computational linguistics: Our strong links with the university sector make it possible to detect long-term trends. Topics such as computer-aided writing, data journalism or, for example, multimedia storytelling can be integrated in individual solutions at an early stage. Throughout the process, we organize regular strategy reviews within the scope of our customer projects, so as to make sure that research is not just focused on the theoretical side, but flows into practical applications for our customers.


As a software supplier and a full service provider, we enjoy a close collaboration with our customers. We provide consulting, project implementation, subsequent maintenance and further development and see ourselves as a comprehensive solution provider. In this context, we coordinate our strategies with our customers on an ongoing basis. This coordination allows our customers to get a glimpse of InterRed's future and also allows InterRed to identify the upcoming needs of our customers. This type of strategy coordination means that InterRed can develop and offer the right concepts and approaches to fit the individual needs of each customer in a constantly changing environment. In turn, this also enables InterRed's customers to adapt to changes in the market, to improve their performance and to establish themselves within the existing processes. This integrated, all-round approach makes InterRed GmbH one of the most successful providers of publishing solutions. It also makes InterRed one of the most competent partners for testing, analyzing and improving your strategies.

The beginning

InterRed GmbH was founded in 1993. Right from the get-go, the aim of the ambitious computer scientists and engineers was to develop innovative products of outstanding quality and to make sure that customer projects are implemented in a professional manner. The key prerequisite for achieving this is a comprehensive, competent and personal customer service.

After three years of development and consulting work in various areas of database design and management, the visionary creators recognized early on the importance of the Internet and digital media in general for the emerging information and knowledge society. In the same way as industrial production emerged from handicraft, digital media would revolutionize the conventional production and dissemination of information.

"InterRed" was developed as early as 1995 and released in the same year as one of the first content management systems on the German market. Even at this early stage, the team headed by the founder, Dr. André Klahold, had the vision to recognize that two key strategies would be necessary for a future-oriented product. First, the system had to be flexible enough so that it could be used to collect and manage all different kinds of information in a centralized manner. All data - be it editorial articles, product information, advertisements, master data, etc. - would have to meet the high quality requirements of the information society. On the other hand, even early concepts recognized that the information distribution channels, as well as the way that information is created and managed, would likely change with the advent of new digital media. However, it was also recognized that the classic forms and channels would not be replaced entirely. This realization led to the vision of creating InterRed as a system which enables the centralized management of all types of content and which can be used to provide and disseminate content via any output media. This concept could only be realized with a database design whose versatility was unparalleled in the IT world and with cross-media content management.

These considerations kick-started an intensive year-long design and development process that created the basis for the cross-media, neutral management of information. The focus shifted to the first output layer - the web - only after the fundamentals were completed. This prudence and the enormous development effort are the key reasons why InterRed remains one of the few systems on the German market whose core component never had to be redesigned.

The strategic decision in favor of this special concept leads to a very unique and innovative course of development, which is also particularly beneficial for the customers of the company.


Several hundred person-years of solution development and project experience later, the corporate culture is still inspired by the same enthusiastic spirit in the start-up period. In our quest for innovations, we do extensive research in cooperation with various universities, continuously explore the demands of the market and create new visions. This is why we are widely perceived today as one of the most dynamic and future-proof companies on the market for publishing solutions and as an important symbol for the entire industry.

In the future

We plan to commit all of our efforts and to continue reaching and surpassing these goals in the future.

At this point, we would like to cordially thank all of our customers for their trust and support, but also for the many conversations, challenges and suggestions which have led us to develop new ideas time and again. This constant, personal cooperation has been critical for transforming the visionary concepts of the early days into the coherent and comprehensive solution that InterRed has become over the course of many years of development.

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