The content management system InterRed supports the production of multilingual media – for example websites, print products (as newspapers, magazines or catalogues) or apps for smartphones or tablets. With the growing internationalization of markets, offering printed and online information on an international scale becomes necessary for many companies. In doing so, it is often not sufficient to provide information merely in the ‘world languages’ (English, French, German, Spanish), but instead for each country in the respective language. But the effort related to this is very high when using conventional tools.

With the content management system InterRed the effort and the associated costs can be reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, the synchronization of the multilingual content is ensured. Outdated information in foreign language versions is thereby a thing to the past.

Multilingualism is supported for any number of languages, with the used-to easy operation. Language-independent content like images, tables, etc. is saved in the system only once and is then utilized for all languages. By choosing the desired language the remaining content is provided language-dependent. A standard language can be assigned to each user.

Via the integrated business process management, the coordination – in particular between the translating departments – can take place automated. This ensures that new content is, as quickly as possible, available in all languages. Additionally, changes are reported in an efficient way to all users. Thereby, multilingual content stays synchronal.

InterRed supports all languages which can be displayed by the browser on the PC of the user or the surfer.