Studies confirm that up-to-date content is one of the most important factors of success for a website. The internet is still mainly used for the search of information. Here applies even more than for print media: „Nothing is older than the daily newspaper of yesterday”. But where to take the up-to-date content from? Content-buying and-selling, as well as the multiple usage of own content and information (Content-Syndication) is of growing importance.

InterRed supports all forms of Content-Syndication:

  • 1. Link-Syndication

Here only the link to the own article is given out. Selecting the link-text on the other website leads the surfer to the own website.

  • 2. Code-Syndication

For the Code-Syndication content and structure information are given out in an agreed format (e.g. XML).

  • 3. Content-Syndication

In this case complete HTML-pages, content incl. design, are given out.

The format of the syndication is defined via templates. Therefore the described variants are not only combinable, but also – if required – adjustable to other formats.