InterRed: Full-service provider and system integrator in one

As a software developer, we have been offering efficient software solutions for over 25 years. In addition, InterRed has always been and will always be a reliable partner for its customers and their projects.


Our extensive experience is based on over 25 years of supporting numerous projects from conceptual consulting, through project management, all the way to the full implementation of complex projects as a "comprehensive trouble-free package" featuring subsequent all-round service. InterRed's project managers and consultants specifically leverage this experience by identifying efficient measures and economical solutions. Both the latest technological trends and the needs of customers and their own clients are taken into account. Expensive "wrong paths" are specifically avoided even before the development of the project concept.

Concept preparation

InterRed cooperates with its customers to prepare a project concept based on the assumptions, requirements and objectives agreed during the consultation phase. In this connection, the planning concept is guided both by technological and economic requirements and makes use of market-based and innovative scenarios. The application of well-established project management procedures and the direct integration of customers and their needs supports optimum results from the concept preparation phase.

Installation and implementation

The concrete implementation starts with the installation of the systems. Here, both the current hardware requirements and potential migration scenarios are taken into consideration. In addition, specific analysis and control procedures are put in place in the further course of the project to support successful implementation and a rapid response to new requirements at any time. Milestones and test scenarios also contribute towards the rapid and successful progress of the projects.


The first training sessions often take place in parallel with the implementation phase. Users of the system are usually given priority. They are also the ones who supports the smooth transition from the project phase to the live phase.


The live phase of projects is usually introduced with an initial "stable phase". In this phase the system undergoes intensive testing under operating loads. On request, InterRed can provide support even beyond the initial commissioning of the system. The important cornerstones here are: ongoing analyses, control functions and in-depth advice. The requirements of customers and the simultaneous monitoring of the markets, combined with the innovative potential of a technological market leader, form the basis for the next generation of InterRed's comprehensive solution. In turn, these innovative ideas also directly benefit InterRed's customers.


InterRed GmbH offers integrated turnkey projects from a single source, including the full range of services from consultation, through design and implementation, all the way to the subsequent support. As manufacturer of the systems used, and as a long-term partner of our customers, we have expert knowledge of the markets and employ state-of-the-art technology. We use our know-how for the benefit of our customers and vouch with our name that projects will be completed "in time", "on budget" and "with a perfect quality".

Commitment and personal service for you: Our Customers

The fascinatingly diverse business concepts, processes, ideas and resulting products of our customers all have one thing in common: they require individual, tailor-made solutions and personal support. In this respect, the variety of different industries is particularly important and represents a special challenge. This is because InterRed's users are not characterized by their affiliation with a certain industry, but rather by their need for an effective solution. The common task is the centralized production, easy management and high-performance distribution of large amounts of information across the apparent boundaries of digital and printed media.

Therefore, it is hardly surprising that many publishers, major industrial manufacturers, banks, insurance companies, charities, food processing and mail order companies, to name just a few industries, have been successful customers of InterRed for many years now. At their core, all individual requirements call for the simple, centralized, cross-media maintenance, management and distribution of various types of information. We are currently able to meet these requirements by creating innovative, customer-specific and professional solutions based on the InterRed software.

Our customer care is based on the preparation of a concept, detailing the individual objectives to be achieved, and on providing personal customer service, which may extend even beyond the scope of the current project.

We start with a detailed review of the existing situation, combined with an overall evaluation of the necessary measures. This initial step allows customized project implementation, which guarantees highly reliable future-oriented and future-proof solutions to our customers. These solutions let you maintain your competitive edge even after years of usage, thereby supporting and helping you expand your position in a competitive environment.

To achieve all this, we at the InterRed GmbH put together a highly dynamic project team in addition to creating an innovative ideas forge for product development. This team of experienced consultants, project managers, developers and customizers is able to analyze complex requirements to find effective solutions for our customers, and implement these solutions in the scope of easily manageable projects, while providing ongoing personal support. Throughout the process, each customer receives maximum attention. In fact, we can proudly say that all projects in the entire history of our company have been realized on schedule, within budget and with a consistently high quality.

The goal of each project is that the customer is provided with the best solution in each individual case. In addition, the customer's employees are also trained extensively by means of rigorous training programs so that each customer can pursue and achieve their individual, changing goals independently even beyond the scope of the project.

On request, we continue to serve our clients even after completion of the original project. Based on your needs, we offer all reasonable support types, ranging from support for issues during day-to-day operations, through further development requests, all the way to our "round-the-clock" service, which is available 365 days a year.

We are here for you