InterRed E-Paper

The solution for automated e-paper, for web and app.

As an additional module, InterRed offers the possibility of providing e-paper as a further output channel. All relevant e-paper functions are available, from an integrated kiosk to the integration of different regional editions, an individually selectable detail, PDF or reading mode view, the option of automatically downloading new editions, and an integrated e-paper archive.

There are two ways to do this: the e-paper module exists both as a smartphone and tablet app, and as a web e-paper (retrievable via a browser).

Functions such as the automatic generation of issues from the print product, the publication of a pre-evening e-paper, and the high added value in the enrichment of multimedia content such as videos and image galleries also support content strategies such as digital first.

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Features InterRed Web E-Paper

The InterRed E-Paper solution for Web (accessible via a browser) offers numerous functions - here is a selection.

  • Completely separate web application: Branding, skinning, etc. possible. Can be integrated into existing web presence.
  • Responsive HTML5 design. Automatic device recognition, device-optimized display of the e-paper.
  • Zoom function, scroll function & wipe effect. Full text search across all print content.
    Inserts, brochures and special publications with automatic expiration date and multiple object assignment.
  • Integration of newsletters, news tickers, videos, audio, image galleries, interactive elements such as quizzes.
  • CRM connection (master data).
  • Automatically generated eve edition: as up-to-date as the status of the print edition, optional reading mode, period adjustable (e.g. from 19:00), top article, lead image configurable.
    Automated creation of e-paper editions of the provided PDF (hotfolder delivery). Fully automated with continuous import of finished print data, no manual upload necessary.
  • Preview for non-registered users. Definable information about subscription models with direct transition to subscription conclusion. Preview (with blur effect) of content on e-paper pages possible.
  • Selection of regional/local edition possible. Any number of regional or local editions can be defined. Automatic clearing of issues (optional). Alternative: Archive of all e-paper issues. PDF download (optional).

InterRed Web E-Paper using DBZ - Deutsche Bauzeitschrift as an example

Features InterRed App E-Paper

In addition to the mobile-ready web variant, the native iOS and Android app includes the following features:

Onboarding and in-app purchase

  • Flexible customizable onboarding, thus easy acquisition of new customers.
  • Introduction and pick-up of users e.g. through introductory videos / animated sequences.
  • Registration with trial subscription (number of days configurable).
  • Reminder before trial subscription expires to convert to subscription.
  • Registration with existing account.
  • Native in-app purchases.

Reading mode

  • Convenient reading mode of content, from print or online variant of existing content. Directly displayed page - no need to download the whole issue. Enrichment with video / image galleries possible, navigation via page thumbnail or page content. With offline connection reading mode of the print content. Prerequisite: content production with InterRed Print.

Personalization and targeting

  • App display can be personalized by user: department filter (depending on interests), dark mode support, push messages.
  • Targeting by providers: targeted permission marketing with intelligent push messages and push topics, automated, individual and target group-oriented user approach and segmented evaluation of user behavior.

Offline availability, kiosk and archive

  • Offline availability: Automated download of the current issue in the background as PNG / JPG or high-resolution PDF variant, manual download of older archive issues possible.
  • E-Paper Kiosk: Display of the current day with all available issues, valid brochures, supplements / special publications. Selection of an e-day.
  • E-Paper Archive: Display of all available issues, valid brochures, supplements and special publications.

More than just e-paper: Integrations

  • Integration of (native) own or external websites via Webview, configuration of navigation elements, control and configuration at any time via comfortable GUI.
  • Newsticker: Integration of news / news tickers in modern and attractive, configurable grid display or classic layout for online news, videos, image galleries, also integration of RSS possible.

InterRed AppPublishing using the example of Spotlight magazine