Module: InterRed LiveReporting

Web-Reporting in real time

There is a wide choice of analysing and reporting tools for websites. They all gather large amounts of statistical data and then process this to different degrees. Such systems are very useful for professional marketing and general valuations, and it is no longer possible to imagine working without them.

But what can you do with your data? Results from conventional systems have to be evaluated manually and prepared for further uses through manual processes. Only rudimentary data is exchanged with the content management system, and users are forced to work in two different applications.

InterRed Live Reporting, in contrast, is a reporting tool that is fully integrated into the content management system InterRed Online and InterRed Enterprise. It can provide information users need directly, allowing them to capture and change content. The tool also understands which specific content is viewed or clicked on, as well as where and how often this occurs, and what "path" users took to reach the content. InterRed LiveReporting can use this data, for instance to automatically create top lists and display these on websites (such as "most frequently read articles," "most popular products," etc.). The integrated InterRed Online and InterRed LiveReporting solution also helps users complete intelligent analyses and display data. This enables InterRed Online to complete A/B tests or multivariate tests for teasers, ads, or other elements, for instance. The solution can assign places to multiple elements (such as teasers, ads, and others). InterRed Online displays these, equally distributing them among website users. InterRed LiveReporting analyzes click rates for each element and reports results to InterRed Online. There, results can be displayed to responsible employees at the right place to help them make decisions. However, InterRed can even go a step beyond this kind of smart interaction. It can use the number of clicks to independently increase or decrease the frequency with which elements are displayed. This massively reduces manual effort, while increasing quality and reaction speed.

Immediate success control

The success of a website is usually derived from the number of visitors, the number of page impressions and the length of stay, in short ‘user tracking’. Therefore, it is important to identify these success factors in time, to be able to optimize the online appearance accordingly.

InterRed LiveReporting is a reporting system that is seamlessly integrated into the Content Management System InterRed Online or InterRed Enterprise. It makes the required information available at the same place where content is created and changed.

Due to a unique aggregation process, InterRed LiveReporting provides all information in real-time – even in high load situations.

Whether, for example, a published article is received by the visitors as expected or not can be seen live and immediately with the web analysis of InterRed LiveReporting – directly in the vontent management system. Obviously, the great advantage of this is the teamwork of InterRed Online/Enterprise and InterRed LiveReporting, all having the same technological basis.

Concerning the generation of overview pages, the advantages against other reporting systems are even greater.

Distinguishing the essential from the important

Websites with overloaded homepages reflect the challenge of making a large amount of important information available, though only a fraction of this really finds its way to the visitor. The right selection of prominently displayed information is essential for the success of a website.

With the combination of InterRed Online or Enterprise and InterRed LiveReporting it is possible to

  • learn from the past
  • control the current events
  • successfully plan the future.

For doing this, InterRed provides data about when and where teasers (or banners) have drawn attention to the associated articles. The effects of all changes are directly visible. Thereby, decisions made on the basis of uncertain assumptions are a thing to the past.

Testing instead of assuming

With InterRed LiveReporting and InterRed Online or Enterprise it is also possible to carry out ‘experiments’. For example, the degree of interest for new products, services or content can be checked directly after the respective content has been published.

Furthermore, the provided classical A/B-tests (or split-run-tests) and multi-variants-tests (from InterRed 12 onwards) enable the identification of the optimal composition of a website regarding content and layout.

Should a product picture be displayed large or small, a title be short or more comprehensive, a control element be located on the left or on the right? Which teaser has more clicks; which one should on this basis be displayed less often, which more often?

With the content management system InterRed Online or Enterprise the alternative contents in question can quickly be used in an A/B- or multi-variants-test. The alternative contents are thereby automatically provided on the website to test groups that have been defined by the system.

The acceptance of the individual variants is analysed by InterRed LiveReporting automatically and in real-time. The resulting data are immediately made available in the content management system InterRed Online or Enterprise. Thereby, the data that is collected live can be seen directly after the activation of an A/B- or multi-variants-test. This is optimal online-marketing.

More benefits with the same content

The requests of the websites of our customers - which are regularly verified by the IVW (a German information association for the assessment of the distribution of advertising media) - show that the success of a website is also dependent on the implemented technology. Verified overproportional increases in website-related numbers after the implementation of InterRed systems confirm the success of the team InterRed Online or Enterprise and InterRed LiveReporting.

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