Table Assistant

A common challenge for the content management market is the handling of tables. Based on one of the most important basic principles, the strict separation of content and layout, good CMS are able to solve this separation conveniently in the case of texts. Table contents are often created as HTML-tables, without the needed separation from the table layout. This creates problems, at the latest when a redesign is necessary. InterRed provides an innovative solution to this problem with the table assistant.

Separation of Content and Layout

InterRed makes it possible to enter and work on table contents independently from the table layout. Table contents are stored media-neutral in the database. Independent from this, the designer can define various templates for the table appearance. These templates are made available to the user. The table content is connected to the layout when it published on the web server.

Connection to external data sources

Data that is not created or administrated in the CMS can be integrated by the use of interfaces to common databases.

Using the static import, the information is only once read from the database and stored and delivered in InterRed. Updating takes place manually 'on demand'. In the case of the dynamic import, the data are read with each request live from the third-party system or an intermediary cache. Beside these options, InterRed is provided with a semi-dynamic import. Using this, the data are imported to InterRed, stored and delivered, in regular, individually defined intervals.

Interface to further processing

The table assistant offers an interface to Microsoft Excel. With this interface it is possible for the editor to transfer data created in Microsoft Excel directly to the table assistant of InterRed by copy/paste. Data that has to be updated or changed, can be comfortably revised in Microsoft Excel.

No programming skills required

As no programming skills are required for the table assistant, all editors can make use of this functionality.

At building a completely new table directly in InterRed the integrated Table Designer assists.