Closed user-groups, access protection

With InterRed content can be published in protected areas, which can only be accessed by previously defined users (user-groups) via an authentication of the user. For this, access data and passwords are defined in the system and are given to the respective users (user-groups).

The integrated „surfer administration” of InterRed is of special value for intranets. Here, all employees of the company can be administrated with their authorization for accessing the intranet. Beside the access data freely definable information can be stored. These are then available – as the other InterRed-content – for processing in the intranet. A comprehensive communication register with telephone, mobile phone, e-mail, etc. can thereby be easily created. These data can optionally by administrated by the employees themselves (authenticated via access data) or by other departments (personnel department, etc.). A further advantage for larger intranet-installations is the possibility to import and export employee data via XML.

Access protection with regard to secure data transmission can be ensured by SSL-connections.