Siegen/Uzwil, 05.02.2024

Bühler Group opts for InterRed: digital asset management, automation and AI

The Swiss Bühler Group, a leading global technology group for the food and mobility industry, has taken another step towards digital transformation. By choosing InterRed as a comprehensive content, digital asset management and AI solution, Bühler plans to set new standards in the management and automation of digital content and the global delivery of content. A core element of Bühler's content strategy is the integration of InterRed as a digital asset management system. The innovative Bühler Virtual World was implemented in 11 languages as the first output channel and prototype.

Burkhard Böndel, Head of Corporate Communications, Bühler Group. Image: Bühler Group

Flexible digital asset management for a single source of truth

With over 12,000 employees in more than 140 countries, Bühler holds leading market positions worldwide in various application areas that billions of people come into contact with every day. These include food - starting with the industrial production of flour and baked goods, pasta and noodles, wafers, cookies, pasta, chocolate - and vehicles. However, the innovations developed are also an integral part of facade glass, smartphones, solar modules, diapers, lipsticks and banknotes.

Bühler has now decided to rely on the InterRed ContentHub in order to meet the highest standards in the planning, creation and distribution of content. The first step is to implement InterRed as a central content and digital asset management solution. The goal is company-wide, cross-departmental and cross-national use for a uniform flow of information and the single source of truth: creating, managing and finding the latest assets such as texts, images, graphics, presentations and other documents, metadata and information statuses. At the same time, communication and coordination and therefore business process management and workflow management can take place between all parties involved. "With InterRed, we want to redesign the entire value chain of working with content: from planning, creation and distribution to data lifecycle management," says Burkhard Böndel, Head of Corporate Communications. The support provided by AI processes that are integrated into InterRed also plays an important role here. "With InterRed, we are taking our content management to a whole new level," says Böndel.

As a pioneering output channel, the Bühler Virtual World was implemented in 11 different languages, including Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian, in the form of an initial prototype based on InterRed. This pioneering innovation makes it possible to address customers all over the world in their own language. Automatic translation into the desired languages is possible at the touch of a button thanks to the integration of translation services (e.g. DeepL Translate) (autotranslation).

Central ContentHub with integrated AI

As a digital asset management solution, the InterRed ContentHub will play a central role in the management and provision of content for various output channels, including websites, social media portals and intranets.

"We are excited about the opportunities this solution offers us and at the same time convinced that this will strengthen our global presence, facilitate collaboration and ultimately intensify our customer loyalty," emphasizes Burkhard Böndel, Head of Corporate Communications at Bühler Group.

With the introduction of InterRed, the Bühler Group is setting a clear course for a future-oriented content strategy, underlining its innovative strength and determination to drive forward the digital revolution in the industry.