Siegen/Berlin, 13.04.2015

Print, online, app: Bauwelt relies on multi-channel publishing with InterRed

Bauverlag continues to rely on multi-channel publishing with InterRed: already the technological basis for almost all print and online publications, the content management and editorial system InterRed is now also used at Bauwelt. From now on, both the print magazine, the website, as well as the iPhone and iPad app will thus be produced with InterRed.

Optimised editorial processes

Bauverlag is Europe's leading provider of specialist information and media for the architectural, construction, and real estate industry. For many years, the publisher has already been relying on the capabilities of the multi-channel publishing system InterRed in almost all of its publications. InterRed combines the capabilities of a (web) content management system with those of an editorial system, and at the same time provides the technological basis for the app publishing. The system has now been introduced for all output channels at the long-standing, over 100 years old Bauwelt publication.

While the editors work with the software across locations both in Berlin and Gütersloh, the weekly print edition will first be created. With the editorial system InterRed Print, both creating content as well as the layout is possible, either directly in the system or via an integrated plugin with Adobe InDesign. After completion, the print data can now be automated by reaching the predefined workflow stage and sent to the printing house at no extra cost. To finish, which content to be used for other output channels is chosen, for which the editors make all content available in the InterRed CMS. The content can thus be edited with minimal revision for the website and different mobile devices. Only subscribers are given access to the private area of the website and thus all articles in full length. At the same time as the introduction of InterRed at Bauwelt, both the print magazine and website, in addition to importing existing legacy data into the new system, are subjected to a complete relaunch - both output channels were provided with a completely new design.

The new Bauwelt app is also something to be proud of and impresses iPhone and iPad users right from the beginning with an entirely new presentation of content and features.

Universal app for iPhone and iPad

As a universal app for iPhone and iPad, the Bauwelt app went straight to number 1 in the category "Professional & Trade" in only a few days at the newspaper kiosks in the app store as well as being in the top 24 of all newsstand magazines. The technological foundation for this forms the edition InterRed AppPublishing: by a combination of magazine and live content as well as additional features, it creates a central access brand that has a unique selling point over other solutions of this kind. With the Bauwelt app, this can be seen for example in the latest news, access to the magazine archive, as well as with location-based services.

The latter are used in the feature "Buildings Map", among others, in which architecture discussed in the publication can be localised and commented on with the world map or your own location. A daily updated job market and an overview of current competitions and dates are further highlights of the universal app. The Bauwelt magazine itself is available in the app one day earlier than the print version as a digital version.

Another innovative feature is the type of the time and use-controlled advertising within the app, which is not tied to a particular issue. The Bauwelt app thus offers, like all mobile offers produced with InterRed AppPublishing, more than just a digital product of the print equivalent. In contrast to pure e-paper / PDF solutions, the advantages of existing options with mobile devices such as brilliant quality content, advanced photo galleries, interactive elements, etc. are fully utilized.

Future-proof system for all channels

Bauverlag, with around 135 employees and 18 magazines, again demonstrates with the use of InterRed for various media channels at Bauwelt that the software used in publishing houses must meet the requirements of future-proof publishing as an important basis of editorial processes and successful business models.

Boris Schade-Bünsow, editor in chief at Bauwelt, wants to meet the future challenges of digitisation with InterRed: "It is important for us to reach our target groups on multiple channels. This now includes digital media in addition to the magazine, such as websites and an app. We deliberately decided against establishing a separate editorial staff for these media. This also would not be economically feasible. That's why it is important that all output channels from a system are filled by the same colleagues. InterRed makes this possible."