Corporate Publishing and Content Marketing

The InterRed ContentHub: the content marketing tool for all content and all channels, for websites, employee magazines, customer magazines, annual reports, apps and social media.

InterRed ContentHub: the content marketing software

InterRed ContentHub is here to help you plan the entire customer journey – from the first draft of an idea how to address your customers to the distribution of your finished campaigns into all channels of communication. It is the central common communication platform for all production stages for any type of content. Whether staff members are responsible for the coordination of workflows, the creation of texts, design and layout, the delivery of image material or other tasks: InterRed ContentHub is the cornerstone of the entire content marketing life cycle.

For marketing, sales, corporate communications, PR, communications center, newsroom and cross-departmental

InterRed ContentHub is the management and creation platform for curated content, branded content, social media content, user-generated content and digital assets such as texts, videos, images, music, podcasts and much more. As a single point-of-contact for the overview, planning, creation and analysis of all assets, users gain orientation, overview and control over all content and control the interactions and experiences of interested parties and customers with information about a company, a brand, an idea. Content is tailored in the InterRed ContentHub to accompany and guide interested recipients and customers. It is the platform for managing all touch points.

Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

As a Digital Experience Platform, InterRed ContentHub collects and manages content in one central spot, regardless of the output channel. Due to InterRed's built-in media-neutral data storage, all content is readily available for use in all channels at a later date. The current state of an asset can be checked at any time and, if desired, it can also be distributed automatically to predefined addressees. After a certain period in which a user has not logged on to the ContentHub, their first and last names will automatically be replaced with initials in any place within the system. As a resukt, the InterRed ContentHub assists in complying with the data protection regulations of the current European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR).

Once content has been added to the system, it is available for efficient and rapid use and re-use. The intended forms of output are wide-ranging and at the same time the transfer of content for further output channels is very easy.

Everything that is once stored in the Content Hub can be transferred automatically (or partially automated) to social media, apps, websites, corporate blogs, print publications or other publication means thanks to InterRed's built-in media-neutral data storage. Yet all content is also always accessible for internal research by your own team members.

Measures- and topic-planning

Planning of measures and topics in the InterRed ContentHub is an integral part of the entire process of content creation - from the collection of a first idea as well as editing and scheduling to the distribution and re-use in the required forms of publication. This allows full product cycles to be scheduled and monitored in a binding manner. At any given time, users have a clear insight into what stage of a campaign they are currently at and when certain milestones need to be reached. Planning and optimization of the impact of communication measures is carried out from here.

Content Creation und Content Management

InterRed ContentHub serves as the central management tool for the creation, handling and subsequent publication of all content. Whether it is media-neutral data storage, built-in image enhancement and video editing or smart content synchronization via InterRed MediaSync:

InterRed not only offers the technological foundations to comfortably capture and manage all generated content of a business centrally, but also the possibility to make them available to the respective reader in any desired format, aiding in strengthening your corporate identity and unifying brand management.

Whether you intend to optimize editorial processes or integrate them to strengthen your corporate identity: rest assured that InterRed is the ideal solution for the convergence of your content channels, due to our many years of experience in both the industrial and publishing sectors.

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

InterRed ContentHub helps to manage and organize assets of all kinds and their associated metadata, be it texts, images, videos, audio files, documents and many more. Depending on their assigned user roles and rights, InterRed-users can access the built-in digital asset management to retrieve and edit media assets or to gain a variety of useful information and metadata. Proofs of use and instructions for use give users information on where and how often an asset has already been utilized or whether it may be further used in future publications. In addition to the available automated mechanisms for distribution and publication, configurable routines can also be implemented in the system to allow, for example, the partially automated removal from circulation of an asset for which usage rights are no longer available.

Communication and workflow management

To monitor deadlines, InterRed ContentHub can set up a reminder for users as a to-do or send an email. These can also be issued for defined substitute staff members in case users should run the risk of not meeting a deadline. Customizable automated workflow enable the automatic distribution of content right down to the minute. Part of this is, for example, the scheduled going live of online content or the on-time handover of data to a printing services provider.

Tasks, such as the supply of various forms of assets, can be outsourced to employees or external partners, if desired also with automated reminder e-mails. Third-party content is imported directly into the system with the help of the InterRed ContentCollector, via web forms, e-mails or the standalone InterRed ContentCollector app. In consequence, internal proofreading workflows can be initiated automatically, e.g. by generating tasks automatically or by setting workflow stages. In addition, e-mail notifications may be set up for accountable staff to report the timely delivery (or non-delivery) of content.

Artificial intelligence (AI): Automation for digital, print and translations

Integrated artificial intelligence provides support through automation and extends across digital platforms, print media and translations. This includes the generation of content (creation), the conversion of assets adapted to the respective channels (transformation) and the targeted selection and placement of content for different distribution channels (curation). This technology not only enables automation in the digital sector (websites, social media, apps, etc.), but also the automatic creation of print products, including newspapers, magazines and e-papers.

InterRed's AI-powered translation provides valuable support for multilingual workflows. This enables a global, target group-specific approach, which strengthens customer loyalty and creates synergy effects at various levels. Whether it concerns entire publication media, individual articles, product descriptions, press releases or other content, the integration of additional tools such as intelligent content synchronization (InterRed MediaSync) or business process management (comments, task, workflow and rights management) enables change processes and interactive exchange for global markets to be carried out quickly and easily.

By using InterRed ContentAgents, people, products, organizations and additional entities are identified and linked automatically through a semantic network. Pieces of content "know" about each other and provide users with helpful contextual information about additional content in the database at any time.

InterRed ContentAgents offers added value by providing supplementary information about the previous use of information items in the course of earlier communication campaigns. They also help with the autonomous interlinking of information for potential clients and existing customers. The AI component is able to recognize relevant related content without human input and gives recommendations based on context, thus increasing interactions as well as time spent with content. Moreover, an automated, AI-driven compilation of dossiers can be implemented, which can bundle content pertaining to certain topics. Subsequently, these can be distributed, for example, in the form of a document download, a landing page or a newsletter.

InterRed ContentAgents offer valuable insights for all users: They recognize interrelations and connections between different pieces of content which fit together and make a valuable contribution to communication efforts.

They also provide information on how and through which channels specific target audiences and customers were contacted. As a result, a continuous evaluation of communication efforts across different touchpoints is carried out.

InterRed ContentHub preserves information and answers customers' and employees' questions. Pieces of content get linked and can be found again - they are accessible for target-oriented distribution at the right time in the right channel. They are made visible again in the "depths of the database".

InterRed ContentAgents AI provides an "always on" real-time background analysis for any asset while it is being processed. Content gets analyzed for extractable keywords, people, products, places or topics instantly. This results in a steady optimization of content with regard to the anticipated outcome through automated tagging.

All of these features also support InterRed users in the area of search engine optimization (SEO).