Siegen/Ulm, 05.09.2016

Südwest Presse: print and digital publishing with InterRed

Neue Pressegesellschaft mbH & Co. KG produces their daily newspapers with the editorial system InterRed. The multi-channel publishing solution enables the production of SÜDWEST PRESSE’s print edition with its 30 regional variants as well as the conception of the related various web presences from within one database: browser-based, media-neutral and with intelligent synchronization.

The entire workflow with InterRed

SÜDWEST PRESSE’s production process for print- and digital media is henceforward based exclusively on the multi-channel publishing solution InterRed. From receiving agency reports to the creation and layout of the articles, including the complete image workflow, to the publication in diverse media outlets – the entire workflow is managed with InterRed. Furthermore, InterRed’s browser-based ContentCollector directly imports submissions from freelancers into the editorial system, making them available for further processing.

"InterRed is one solution for everything – print, digital, pictures – and as our shared tool makes collaboration easy across different departments, publications, channels and locations", says Robert Dönges, project manager at Neue Pressegesellschaft. What used to be a complex process carried out by three different systems can now be done single-handedly with InterRed. Dönges: "This creates leeway for us to focus on our core tasks as newspaper editors: Research, finding topics, the writing-process, in short: the creation of relevant content."

From now on, editing work and page planning take place exclusively in-browser. Thanks to the InterRed-feature LiveLayout, even page planning is completely browser-based. Features such as arranging articles and pictures, text wrap and placement of additional information and cross-references to online-publications are implemented in one tool, independent of media channel-specific conventions.

Multi-channel publishing with InterRed: media-neutral data management

With InterRed, the interplay of different departments and media channels takes place ‚in a breeze’. The multi-channel publishing system offers seamless bi-directional exchange between print- and online-publications. The respective editorial departments can rely on InterRed’s MediaSync-feature. Related pieces of content "know" each other and can be compared any time. This is the basis of InterRed’s intelligent synchronization, which enables the automated transfer of changes made in one output channel into another.

Print- and online-editing in one system

With the introduction of the new system the separate departments grow closer together. Josef Spegel, project manager of SÜDWEST PRESSE’s subproject ‘Online’: "The introduction of a media-neutral editorial system is the next step in the coalescing of the formerly unconnected editing departments ‘Print’ and ‘Online’. Finally, all topics can be worked on collaboratively and all information is collected in one place. The subsequent refining and the publication in digital channels fall back into the hands of the experts."

A tried and tested future-proof editorial system

As early as 2012, the Neue Mediengesellschaft Ulm ("com! professional", "INTERNET WORLD Business", i.a.), a subsidiary of Verlagsgruppe Ebner, has introduced InterRed for its periodicals and the associated web portals. Now, the Neue Pressegesellschaft with its newspapers and websites joins in. CEO Thomas Brackvogel is convinced of the possibility to operate all media outlets and several regional editions from one system: "Media-convergence brings together traditionally separated sectors. With the help of InterRed’s media-neutral approach we are able to publish our content in print-, online- or mobile-environments – it offers multi-channel publishing ‘at its best’. Because today’s channels - be it websites, communities or apps – tomorrow might be smart-watches, wearables or glasses. This is exactly what we are prepared for now."