Newspapers, Periodicals, Magazines

Whether it be a newspaper or periodical, an insert or regional edition, (glossy) magazine or technical information: InterRed Print supports publishers in the production of their print products. It makes no difference here whether, for example, it be a monthly journal, a magazine, a regional local newspaper or a national daily or weekly newspaper with extremely large print-runs and a very wide variety of versions: with the editorial system InterRed Print, hundreds of employees or just a few specialists can work on the production of print publications simultaneously. And thanks to the automated print production of InterRed SmartPaper, newspapers, journals, magazines and other print media can be created AI-based and automatically. And thanks to the print automation with AI of InterRed SmartPaper, newspapers, journals, magazines and other print media can be created AI-based and automatically.

InterRed Print is the central editorial tool in this. It models the editorial processes of periodical and newspaper production in a system-immanent way. From the integrated planning of issues and themes to the production of editorial content in the form of articles to the interactive page layout planning, InterRed Print supports the editorial team in every step of the production of a periodical or newspaper. The page preview gives all participants an overview of the current production status at any time. An innovative search finds pictures and other assets via the context of the articles around it. Multiple usage of text and pictures as well as use online or in other channels can be centrally controlled. Workflow stages and automated task allocation supports the teamwork of the editorial, layout, production and other involved groups.

In addition to this, InterRed Print can also generate the planned issues automatically, on the basis of its own or an eternal planning system. Using freely definable templates and patterns, the basic structures of a new edition can be very quickly created. The adjustment of the issue structure afterwards is supported throughout – including automatic adjustment of the table of contents. The producing of variants (e.g. for regional issues or personalisation for target groups) and the producing of multilingual publications thus become child's play. All the named operations are purely browser-based in their execution and are thus not site-dependent.

InterRed obtains advertisement data (bookings and motifs) from advertisement systems and makes possible both convenient manual and automated placement. The bidirectional interface to advertisement administration systems is essential here. With its assistance, the advertising newsroom is firmly integrated into the producing of the newspaper or periodical. This makes double filling by the editorial team and advertising newsroom ― and empty spaces caused by cancelled advertisements ― a thing of the past. InterRed's standing type function makes it possible to react swiftly.