Peter Gross Train Consult
Bredeneyer Str. 2b
45133 Essen

Fon: 0201 - 4517-484
Fax: 0201 - 4517-487

Dipl.-Informatiker Peter Gross

Peter Gross Train Consult

The company Train Consult Peter Gross, located in Essen, has many years of experience with the implementation of InterRed, especially for large customers. A special focus lies on the implementation of InterRed for customers of the health-care system. The company is active nationwide.

After the long-time activity as the responsible person for the intranet and internet of the Deutsche Annington Immobilien GmbH (see references) the proprietor decided to become independent and to support further customers who use the product InterRed.

Due to numerous private contacts in the field medicine, the company has placed a focus on this topic. For the topic 'Integrated care in the health-care system' the product InterRed is ideal. There are no costs for the associated doctors in private practices. Hospitals can not only use the system to securely exchange patient data with the doctors in private practices (extranet), but can expand it with the component internet to comfortably manage the internet presence.

The many additional options as InterRed Print or the high-performance Content Agents are further significant reasons for choosing InterRed.