Siegen/Hannover, 13.03.2023

Digital Asset Management and AI: InterRed at Hannover Messe 2023

InterRed GmbH, one of the leading providers in the field of digital asset management, content management and editorial systems, will present the latest version of the InterRed ContentHub as an exhibitor at the Hannover Messe. As a central digital asset management solution including AI support, this enables companies to manage their content jointly, centrally and intelligently, to find it easily and to use it in a targeted manner in all media channels. This also includes virtual asset management for use cases in virtual or augmented reality.

InterRed will present the latest version of InterRed ContentHub at Hannover Messe 2023.

Central Content Hub with AI

As a comprehensive digital asset management solution, InterRed is able to manage content from companies and from all business units, including marketing, sales or corporate communications. InterRed can act as a link between different databases and data sources to centrally create, edit, manage, search and quickly find content. Assets for virtual reality and augmented reality are also supported by InterRed. This gives companies the opportunity to deploy their content in virtual environments, present their products and services in a new and interactive way, and thus open up further channels for customer retention and acquisition. The use cases are versatile, in the area of virtual reality for example for product presentation, e-commerce, training, market research or development. Augmented Reality finds use cases e.g. in areas of product presentation, maintenance and repair, as well as customer support.

Numerous InterRed functions in the area of content creation support processes and optimize workflows. These include integrated action and topic planning, communication and workflow management, as well as automations such as translations. These can be done manually in joint coordination or automated by connecting external translation tools. Artificial intelligence (AI) is integrated with the help of InterRed ContentAgents. This integrated solution, which has been further developed by InterRed for around 20 years, is based on AI methods such as the Large Language Model (LLM), which is also used by well-known AI technologies such as GPT, GPT-3 and ChatGPT. Among other things, this allows long texts to be shortened automatically, both individual titles, paragraphs or an entire text. The technology can be used for the automatic creation of social media posts such as tweets (Twitter texts), including the definition of suitable hashtags (#), as well as for the creation of teaser texts on websites. The use cases are as diverse as they are extensive. A unique selling point is the reliability of the methods used, because the AI of InterRed ContentAgents always observes the set limits that can be relied upon and documents the underlying sources.

Complete solution for multi-channel publishing: Hall 7, Booth D09

The open architecture of the entire InterRed DAM solution, the flexible headless API, and the completely browser-based and thus location-independent use of the solution enable a precisely fitting integration and a simultaneous improvement of existing workflows and processes. The playout and use of content in the various media channels is also integrated into the overall solution. Both the connection of other, possibly already existing systems and the use of the integrated publishing functionalities are covered: Web content management system, social media management, app publishing solution and editorial system are included in InterRed as full and independent systems. This makes true multi-channel publishing possible.

In Hall 7 at Stand D09 on the "Automation & Digital Factory" joint state stand of North Rhine-Westphalia, interested parties will have the opportunity to see InterRed live from April 17 to 21, 2023. The overall solution offers many more possibilities, which the InterRed experts will present live on site. Appointments can already be made in advance: