Deutsche Handwerks Zeitung

The Deutsche Handwerks Zeitung [German Craft Newssheet] is the largest craft publication in Germany.

Craft associations in Germany.

You will find everything in the "Deutsche Handwerks Zeitung" that you need as a CEO or master craftsman to manage your business successfully. News and facts, robust solutions from the fields of innovation, technology and modern craftwork – combined with current affairs in economy and politics, law and taxation, finance and business management.

With the "Deutsche Handwerks Zeitung" and its 23 craft association issues, you are also kept informed on a regional basis with news about your association’s activities and craft-related events.

Regional issues of the "Deutsche Handwerks Zeitung" are published for Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Hessen, Saxony (the Chemnitz and Dresden area), Sachsen-Anhalt (the Halle area) and Thuringia.

The "Deutsche Handwerks Zeitung" also gives you an overview of all far-reaching developments at a glance: Our correspondents in Brussels and Berlin don't miss any details at the EU and German state level – if these have an impact on your business. Learn in interviews and analyses at first-hand how leading political and economic decision-makers are thinking and the actual effects this will have on your business.