Siegen/Berlin, 13.01.2014

B.Z. and B.Z. am Sonntag change over in only a few months to the InterRed editorial system

Berlin's largest and longest established newspaper, the B.Z. is to be produced with immediate effect using the InterRed editorial system. After a complete conversion to the new system in just four months, the more than 100 employees at the B.Z. and the B.Z. am Sonntag are working together with hundreds of colleagues from BILD and BILD am SONNTAG on the same technological base. In the process, a number of requirements were particularly relevant.

What was needed was an editorial system that supports different workflows, that works fast and reliably even under very high load and provides all the necessary functions of multi-channel publishing.

InterRed offers a solution for all these requirements. Peter Huth, chief editor of the B.Z., is convinced of the success of merging the editorial departments and of sharing the editorial system: "This way we create the ideal conditions to be on all media channels faster than ever before and closer to our readers."

New workflows, rapid project completion and online connectivity

Implementing the project took about four months - a very short time indeed. In addition to the introduction of new software, the B.Z. decided to develop new workflows. Thus, a hybrid form of "layout before content" and "content before layout" came into being - the editorial department is free to choose on a daily basis which way they want to go with the software.

At the same time the opportunity was created for all the editors to produce all content including multimedia enrichment for online use and to publish it directly at

Peter Huth is delighted with the successful launch and the introduction of new publishing software: "The B.Z. is looking forward to using InterRed and I would once again like to thank everyone for the great, on-time, professional work."

The company Axel Springer SE has relied on multichannel publishing using InterRed for many years, including web content management for the magazines COMPUTER BILD, AUTO BILD or the corporate website, or with the Enterprise Content Management for the Group-wide intranet. The decision to now equip the B.Z. and B.Z. am Sonntag with the InterRed multi-channel publishing system underlines the successful joint cooperation.