User Generated Feedback (UGF)

"User Generated Feedback" (UGF) stands for feedback that has been given by the users of a website and has been made available on the website. In the simplest case, this can be a freely defined point system for giving marks. In the best case, comments can be posted, possibly including multi-stage commenting. With this, not only products, services etc. can be evaluated, but also a comment itself can be commented (for example „this comment was helpful / not helpful“). Commenting in terms of UGF can furthermore take place implicitly in InterRed. Thereby, users or surfers can receive a status through their activities and the valuation of these. By this, for example, “moderators” of a community can be generated from the community itself.

User Generated Feedback (UGF), together with User Generated Content (UGC, see "User Generated Content (UGC)"), are two of the essential characteristics of Web 2.0 online portals and websites. You can find more about the support of this technology by InterRed under "Web 2.0 technology with InterRed Online".