User Generated Feedback (UGF)

User-generated feedback" (UGF for short) means any feedback made available on websites by the users of the website. In the simplest case, this can be done by assigning grades according to an arbitrarily definable point system. In the best case, this can be commented on, and the commenting can be multi-level. This means that not only can products, services, etc. be rated, but the rating can in turn be evaluated (for example, "this rating was helpful / not helpful"). Ratings in the sense of UGF can furthermore be implicit in InterRed. This makes it possible for users, or surfers, to receive a status about their activity and about their rating. For example, moderators of a community can be generated from the community itself.

User-generated feedback (UGF), together with user-generated content (UGC for short, see "User-generated content (UGC)" ), is one of the key features of interactive online portals and websites.