Newsletter management

Beside a high-quality and professional internet presence, the option of e-mail newsletter distribution already belongs to the established standard of marketing in many companies. The newsletter is a useful and cost-effective marketing tool for customer acquisition and retention. The response rate is often higher than for traditional mailings - at the same time, the success can be measured more easily.

Another advantage of e-mail newsletters is the high acceptance and reading rate, as the recipient determines the type and extent of the requested information. Due to these measurable reactions, it is possible to continuously adjust the newsletter and to meet the needs and interests of the recipient.

The content management and editorial system InterRed enables the automatic generation and managing of newsletters out of the system. The mail delivery generally is performed by a professional newsletter submission services to our customers. The newsletters can, depending on the requirements, be output in all common formats (text, HTML, PDF, etc.). In addition to newsletters with individually created information, also the automatic creation of newsletter content according to predefined rules, for example, from the titles and short texts of the 10 latest news, is possible. Certain articles of the website can be assigned to the newsletter. Newsletter issues can also vary regionally (regional issues). Multilingualism is, as usual, supported in InterRed: monolingual or multilingual newsletters can be prepared out of InterRed and can then be distributed automatically to the newsletter submission services at a precisely defined time. Furthermore, InterRed supports the operator in the subsequent analysis of the newsletter responses.