Siegen/Hamburg, 04.03.2024

InterRed publishing solution at OMR Festival 2024: AI, CMS, DAM and automation

InterRed, an innovative pioneer in the field of AI-based content management and publishing solutions, will be presenting the latest version of its eponymous multi-channel publishing system at this year's OMR Festival 2024. With its extensive integrated capabilities, including digital asset management, automation, artificial intelligence and a unique AI-based WYSIWYG editor, InterRed presents a complete solution that is equally suitable for publishers and content marketing strategies.

OMR Festival 2024: InterRed presents pioneering solutions in AI-based multi-channel publishing. (Image: OMR)

Digital asset and content management: InterRed ContentHub

From May 7 to 8, 2024, InterRed can be found in Hall A3 at Stand F06 at the OMR Festival in Hamburg, where it will be offering live insights into its successful publishing solution. As a comprehensive digital asset and content management solution (DAM and CMS), the InterRed ContentHub is the central platform for the joint and intelligent planning, creation, management and publication of content and assets in all media channels. This makes the solution suitable for online, social media and apps, as well as for print, e-paper, virtual reality and other media. Starting with the strategic planning of measures, campaigns and topics, through the creative creation, development and efficient management of content (content creation, content management) and comprehensive digital asset management to integrated communication and workflow management, the solution forms the central anchor point of the entire life cycle in the area of content marketing. This also makes the vision of a "single source of truth" in companies a reality. Publishing processes are automated thanks to the extensive integration of artificial intelligence.

Integrated AI for automation: Digital, print and translations

This includes the creation of content (creation), the channel-specific conversion of assets (transformation) and the targeted selection and placement of content for various output channels (curation). This technology is used for automation in the digital sector (websites, social media, apps, etc.) as well as for the automatic creation of print products such as newspapers, magazines and e-papers.

InterRed's AI-based translation provides valuable support for multilingual workflows. This enables a global, target group-oriented approach, strengthens customer loyalty and offers synergy effects on many levels. Whether for complete output media, individual articles, product descriptions, press releases or other content: By combining other integrated tools such as intelligent content synchronization (InterRed MediaSync) or business process management (comments, task, workflow and rights management), change processes and interactive exchange for global markets are also quick and easy.

InterRed FlowEditor: Maximum efficiency and creative freedom

The InterRed FlowEditor unleashes the full potential of content creation. As an AI-based WYSIWYG editor, it sets new standards for editors, copywriters and content creators. The WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) functionality allows users to view the content created in the exact design, layout and output channel as it will appear after publication. The rapid integration of assets such as social media posts, integrated image and video editing and intelligent content synchronization provide optimum support for modern storytelling and strategies such as Digital First.

A unique selling point of the InterRed FlowEditor is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI). Numerous AI-supported functions save an enormous amount of time when working with content. Headings, subheadings, bulleted lists, introductions, teaser texts, summaries or even social media posts can be easily generated while writing. With the AI running in the background and always providing support, users can simply continue with their work flexibly. At the same time, InterRed's SmartAI ensures that the AI support remains reliable and traceable. This is because every change, addition, creation or conversion of texts and other content is documented and documented with references. This means that everything is always done reliably in accordance with the individual specifications. This seamless integration of AI into the FlowEditor offers a unique advantage over solutions that only connect similar and external AI tools.

InterRed will be presenting all these and many other possibilities live at the trade fair in Hamburg on May 7 and 8, 2024. Visitors to the OMR Festival are cordially invited to experience the future of AI-based multi-channel publishing at InterRed's stand F06 in hall A3 and see the numerous functions and possible applications live.