Siegen, 06.07.2022

Editorial system InterRed: AI-based layout for automated print production

The InterRed editorial system offers new functions for the automated layout creation of print pages. With InterRed SmartLayout and the SmartTemplates, online or agency content can be easily and automatically transformed into a printed newspaper. In this way, the new AI-supported technology, controlled by the editorial team, revolutionizes print production while maintaining the typical appearance of the print edition.

Digital first: automated print layout – huge time saving and typical apperance

InterRed is a multi channel publishing solution and is perfectly suitable for all different kind of content strategies e.g. digital-first, print-first or mobile-first. In the digital publishing cases the new AI technology shows its superiority and advantages of a higher efficiency of the print production over a normal system. The most time consuming part of the process is the creation of the print layout which can easily be optimized by the software.

For example, the new functions of the InterRed publishing solution save editorial teams the familiar, time-consuming task of writing articles on line. As a completely browser-based editorial system, the possibilities of InterRed SmartLayout can also be used flexibly in the browser, regardless of location. Online and agency content is simply dragged and dropped onto a print page. Everything else is done, as if by magic, by InterRed's AI solution. The fact that the newspaper thus created retains its typical appearance at the touch of a button is a decisive advantage. The AI process adheres to very easily defined rules, to which the solution always reliably adheres. Once defined, the AI does not perform any layout operations outside the set limits and the software controls itself.

Print layout browser sided, intelligent content synchronisation, multi channel publishing

SmartLayout cooperates seamlessly with the other functions of the InterRed software so that the user can edit his articles with InterRed LiveLayout and InterRed LiveCopy in the browser.

Another helpful function is the InterRed MediaSync modul which compares the different media channels/outlets while detecting asynchronous changes in other output channels. This feature enables a seperated workflow but you can compare them every moment. This allows publication-specific changes inside the article without canceling the whole synchronisation.

With the central, media neutral Contenthub, the integrated topic & resource planning modul, the AI based FlowEditor (including WYSIWYG), the possibilty of integration of other systems thanks to the headless API, including SEO-modules, the social media management solution and the ability to share the content in many different channels (print, e-paper, digital, social, app) the InterRed system is the best multi channel publishing software for all different kind of strategies.