Desk-Net: Interface and integration

In addition to using its own campaign, action and topic planning, InterRed can interface and integrate the Desk-Net editorial calendar. Due to the high flexibility, the open architecture and also the headless API of InterRed, an optimal integration is possible. Extensive experiences from common customer projects exist for this.

The InterRed system, which combines a central content hub and DAM, a print editorial system and a (web) content management system, is thus supplemented by a further interface. Both the open headless API and numerous standard interfaces enable the connection of a wide variety of (planning) systems as well as options for the input and output of content. This open architecture and the modular approach allow InterRed to integrate into existing system landscapes with a high degree of customization and to integrate tools such as Desk-Net into existing processes. Special, customer-specific workflows can also be taken into account and mapped. The topics planned in Desk-Net can be converted media-specifically and quickly into prepared assets and articles in InterRed, processed further and then finalized and published for the various output channels (print and digital).