Siegen/Düsseldorf, 25.06.2018

VDI Wissensforum relies on InterRed editorial system

The VDI Wissensforum, part of the VDI Group (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e.V.), has decided to use the InterRed editorial system. The integrated media production of information material for more than 1,700 events annually is now held with the new publishing solution. The print layout in the browser, integration of external authors, and easy compliance with the corporate design are some of the advantages of the new solution for the VDI Wissensforum.

A browser-based print layout in the InterRed editorial system

For more than 50 years, the VDI Wissensforum has been a continuing education specialist for engineers. Every year, more than 35,000 participants receive further training in more than 1,700 events on a wide variety of topics. The VDI Wissensforum is part of the VDI Group, whose Association of German Engineers (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e.V.) is Europe's largest technical-scientific association, acting nationally and internationally as speaker of engineers and technology, as a networker and designer.

By introducing InterRed's multi-channel publishing solution, seminars, forums, and (international) conferences can now be promoted even more efficiently. Brochures, flyers, postcards, and advertising booklets are created, managed, and published from the browser-based editorial system. Each print layout for this is created by the employees themselves with the InterRed LiveLayout. This makes it possible to create layouts and edit print media directly in your browser. At the same time, appropriate website content is automatically generated from the print content created, which can be supplemented with online-relevant additions and then used further.

ContentCollector for external authors

The VDI Wissensforum works together with over 4,000 speakers from industry and research to offer a broad portfolio of topics covering almost all technical areas. In order to make communication between the external speakers and the VDI Wissensforum as the organiser as efficient as possible, workflows and accesses have been set up to facilitate an optimal exchange. The InterRed ContentCollector automatically sends an email to external event managers, speakers, and text creators. The link contained therein leads to a secure website that allows content such as author portraits, descriptions, images, etc. to be delivered to the editorial system even without special access to the publishing system. It is an easier and faster way for external parties as well as for the employees of the VDI Wissensforum. Because now the latest information is always where it should be: in InterRed. This content can then be used for advertising and information all about the respective event.

Structured data entry for compliance with the corporate design

One of the main advantages of InterRed for the VDI Wissensforum is the structured data input. The content is created and managed in a media-neutral manner, which leads to a high degree of standardisation. Internal design guidelines are thus easily adhered to and all publications created with InterRed are based on the defined, uniform corporate design. This leads to a high increase in efficiency and makes the employees' daily work easier.

Timo Taubitz, Managing Director of the VDI Wissensforum, is a proponent of the new solution: "InterRed brings us one big step closer to our goal of designing the workplace 4.0. Thanks to the possibilities of the new publishing solution, we are equipped for the challenges of digitisation in media production."

Timo Taubitz, Managing Director of the VDI Wissensforum GmbH

Sven Siemienowski, authorised signatory and Head of Marketing, also sees the advantages of integrated content production: "Above all, the structured data input for compliance with our corporate design and the layout creation of print products directly in the browser improves many of our processes and workflows."

Sven Siemienowski, authorised signatory and Head of Marketing VDI Wissensforum GmbH

Marc Decker, project manager for the introduction of the new solution: "Thanks to the intensive cooperation between the VDI Wissensforum and InterRed, we were able to integrate the new solution optimally into our existing system landscape within the joint project."

Marc Decker, project manager for the introduction of the new solution