Neue Pressegesellschaft (SÜDWEST PRESSE)


The Neue Pressegesellschaft (Südwest Presse) has been using the InterRed editorial system for years. This makes multi-channel publishing a reality.The Neue Pressegesellschaft, headquartered in Ulm, is the umbrella of numerous printed and digital media in the south-west and east of Germany. The 22 daily and regional editions of the partner network SÜDWEST PRESSE and the Märkische Oderzeitung reach about 1 million readers per day in the distribution area. More than 1,700 employees work every day to provide readers with in-depth analyses and outstanding texts, to create useful value, and to support customers with services and competencies.

In addition to the daily newspapers - printed as well as digitally online and as e-papers - 12 advertisement papers with a circulation of around 2 million as well as numerous publications are part of the Neue Pressegesellschaft portfolio. Numerous digital services are being developed by the online marketing agency Neue Pressegesellschaft Digital. The experts implement new products and platforms such as, Locafox, FuPa, and as an agency provide services such as the conception and implementation of digital campaigns, creation of websites, social media marketing, and video production including for external customers.

Services in the area of logistics and printing, call centre services, as well as involvement in radio and television are also included under the umbrella of the Neue Pressegesellschaft.

Neue Pressegesellschaft mbh & Co. KG uses the editorial system InterRed for the production of SÜDWEST PRESSE’s print edition with its 30 regional variants as well as the conception of the related various web presences.

CEO Thomas Brackvogel is convinced of the possibility to operate all media outlets and several regional editions from one system: "Media-convergence brings together traditionally separated sectors. With the help of InterRed’s media-neutral approach we are able to publish our content in print-, online- or mobile-environments – it offers multi-channel publishing ‘at its best’. Because today’s most important channels - be it websites, communities or apps – tomorrow might be smart-watches, wearables or glasses. This is exactly what we are prepared for now."

For further information please visit: SÜDWEST PRESSE – print and digital publishing with InterRed.