The flexible construction of InterRed enables a vertical as well as a horizontal scalability of the system.


Small- to middle-sized web appearances can be managed in an „all-in-one” system. This means that the editorial server, as well as the web server, operate on the same hardware. It is even possible to operate the system on a virtual server. For higher access numbers usually the web server is separated from the editorial server. In further steps the editorial server is split to achieve an optimal adjustment of the individual components to the required performance.


Regarding web servers, generators (creation of output pages for an output format) and database InterRed additionally offers the possibility of scaling the system to increase the performance. Thereby, for example, not only the web server can be separated from the editorial server, but the web server itself can be subdivided on several machines for an optimization of the processes. These can be accessed via load-balancers. Thereby scenarios of high demand can be built up and managed without difficulty.