Siegen, 12.09.2017

InterRed presents extended app solution for newspapers

InterRed, manufacturer of the multi-channel publishing solution by the same name, which has been very successful in the publishing industry, introduces their forward thinking solution for tablet and smartphone apps. The benefits of this version of InterRed AppPublishing, which has been optimized specifically for newspapers, include high flexibility, broad range of functionality, as well as the integration of countless monetization models.

The top news mode: selected content with a high quality representation

Free design, integrated business models, and e-paper

No matter whether it is a daily, weekly or Sunday newspaper, or whether the newspaper is national or local, newspaper publishers are increasingly relying on digital solutions. This app solution, presented by InterRed GmbH, has been specifically optimized to meet the needs of newspaper publishers. The result is a native app that is comprised of multiple possible module combinations and can provide you with a flexible template design (native, HTML5 or JavaScript templates). It goes without saying that an automatic and optimized adaptation of the display for the relevant operating system and device (iOS, Android, or Kindle, tablet, smartphone, phablet, etc.) is also included.

An important feature of the InterRed App is its ability to integrate and combine different business models. The publishing industry continues to look for successful digital monetization models. The opportunity for and support of display advertisements (via adserver), paywalls (via digital / combination subscriptions), in-app purchases, timed access (i.e. day pass, weekly pass, monthly pass), single purchases (including using credit systems, such as with the gamification approach) and incorporating external service providers (e.g. LaterPay) are vital to the app.

Currently, one of the most important and lucrative most successful business models for publishers continues to be the e-paper. That is why this function is built into the InterRed solution. The solution includes all the relevant functions from integrated kiosks, to the incorporation of different regional versions, to an individually selected display for descriptions, reading, or for PDFs, to the possibility of automatically downloading newer versions, right through to the e-paper archive. Of course the app also supports appropriate counting via IVW for the e-paper publications and via online payment for the live area.

The news section: flexible design and various forms of presentation

Broad functionality and future-proofing via CMS

The live section of the app provides breaking news, which can be filtered by region as well as topic. The top news mode is another highlight. When the app is launched, this mode displays popular content with a high quality representation, including a preview of these articles or videos.

Additional functions like SingleSignOn (SSO), on- and offline search functionality as well as a Pack & Go mode (saving articles to read offline later) all contribute to an improved user experience. The smart push functionality exists in order to (re-)engage users and to increase reader loyalty.

The InterRed AppPublishing modules are also incredibly flexible: Depending on the preferred strategy, the e-papers, the live area, and the top news sections can be provided to the user individually or combined in an app.

As a rule, all content is created, managed and published within the InterRed Content Management System, where the structure and menus of the app are also determined. This is how InterRed AppPublishing has rolled all the benefits of a future-proof multi-channel publishing system and a CMS into one.

With InterRed AppPublishing, newspaper publishers can improve their reader numbers by easily and flexibly adding another publication channel for their content. When it comes to mobile publishing, there are comprehensive advice services available, and it is essential that individual concepts can be collaborated on. With over 20 years of project experience, InterRed GmbH stands by publishers every step of the way from the strategic analysis, to the conception of optimized workflows and processes, to the selection of suitable monetization models for carrying out entire publishing projects, through to their successful launch.