h2m Kommunikations-Agentur GmbH
Schifferstraße 200
47059 Duisburg / Innenhafen

Fon: 0203 - 298879-0
Fax: 0203 - 298879-8

h2m Kommunikations-Agentur GmbH


The seduction. Nowhere else success and failure are so close together. The more charming the idea and the more well targeted the words, the higher the chance to take the chosen heart by storm.

For us, good advertisement functions by similar principles. With intelligence and new ideas we enthuse the consumers for your trademark by every trick in the book. Instead of taking the consumer for a fool, we take them seriously, as intelligent beings and particularly: with a sense of humour.

Fields of activity:

• Classical advertisement (Print, TV-, radio and cinema spots)

• Literature (brochures, business reports etc.)

• Sales promotion (POS-activities)

• Dialogue marketing

• Trade fairs/exhibitions, events, promotions

• Online-communication

• Interactive media (CD-ROM)

• Packaging design

• Corporate design/CI

• Public relations

• Image-consultation