com! professional

Germany’s high-circulation, monthly PC magazine reports on technical novelties concerning PCs and the Internet.

"com! professional - Das Fachmagazin für IT-Entscheider" readers are highly motivated, interested in technology, open to new ideas and have above-average spending power. "com! professional - Das Fachmagazin für IT-Entscheider" provides these readers with up-to-date news, background information, tests and valuable advice.

  • Up-to-date – Up-to-date information, way beyond basic news
  • Computer – Practical assistance for working with PCs
  • Tests – Useful guide for all technical aspects of the Internet
  • Magazine CD/DVD – Sound decision-making aid for purchasing new products
  • Tips &Tricks – Sophisticated solutions for tough PC problems
  • Internet - All programs and files required by the reader to make use of the magazine content