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circ IT GmbH & Co. KG

We connect - your full-service provider for media companies! circ IT is the leading provider of online services, SAP services and infrastructure services in the publishing industry.

The services for the support of the traditional publishing industry is the origin of our activities, and we are equally forward-looking in the field of digital media. We currently operate more than 2,200 physical and virtual servers in our own data center and manage more than 10,000 AD users and 4,600 SAP users. We combine this with a very high degree of reliability, transparency and service orientation for our customers.

As early as 2016, we began to introduce and adapt the multi-channel publishing system "InterRed" for seven publishers. The aim is the comprehensive exchange of topics and content for print and online, including image database and archive, which will be used by more than 900 editors at the end of the project. As of today, we operate 54 servers in 2 in-house data centers to meet the high demands for availability and security.

With our own InterRed team, we bear the entire operational responsibility. We supervise the application, take care of further developments and ensure a high-performance delivery for both print and online. Our Service Desk is 7/24/365 for support requests.

As a full-service provider, we also offer you the following services

  • professional consulting / project planning / conception and realization of digital communication projects
  • ERP services / SAP consulting
  • infrastructure and hosting services up to your own private cloud solutions
  • media applications
  • network management
  • editorial and technical advertising systems
  • Firewall systems / VPN connection / virus protection
  • Workplace Management
  • telephone and video conferencing systems

When will you be joining us? Contact us for an initial consultation. We look forward to seeing you!