Boden Wand Decke

"boden wand decke" is the trade magazine for flooring trade, the associated retail and wholesale trade, as well as the flooring industry. As an all-rounder, "boden wand decke" provides all important information for the entire industry.

Each month, "boden wand decke" offers a comprehensive overview of the world of floorings (textile and elastic floorings, parquet, cork, laminate, screed and industry floorings) and reports about the newest developments in flooring technology.

Regular professional articles inform flooring-layers, interior decorators and painters about practically tested working aids regarding materials and work techniques, as well as management advices and tips. News, reports, analyses and commentaries in each issue serve as important orientation aids, thereby making the multifaceted structured industry more transparent. Additional professional or special sections help the reader to quickly and easily get a profound overview of the current market developments in special sectors. Furthermore, with regular interviews and expert discussions, "boden wand decke" is forum for different opinions.