Siegen/Münster, 16.01.2013

Web Content Management with InterRed and LandLust

At you will find interesting reader information in the magazine for the more pleasant side of living in the countryside in a new look, and using modern technology. A complete redesign of the website has taken place at the same time as the conversion to the InterRed Content Management System. now based on new technology

LandLust, a magazine which concerns itself with numerous subjects with an unmistakeable naturalness and high authenticity, is one of the most successful consumer magazines in Germany. The accompanying website orientates itself on the successful print version of the magazine. In particular, the individual creative options and the variations in subscription service were at the forefront of the conversion of the project. In addition to the subscriber, the portal appeals to all other enthusiasts: A journal archive in which tables of content can be downloaded in addition to existing guidance from older issues also contains a direct link to the current edition and the LandLust online shop. A look at the current edition reveals pages which can be turned. Subjects from the next issue are illustrated with the first pictures. The online issue takes over some of the content from the print version, creating desire for "more".

Software connection: Integration of InterRed into the publication’s system of the Landwirtschaftsverlag

Subscriptions can be completed online in a simple, fast and uncomplicated way. Of a total of nearly 400,000 subscriptions, many have already been generated via the website. The connection to the subscription system, the link to the LandLust shop and a classified ad service are evidence of the integration of InterRed into the system topography of the Landwirtschaftsverlag. Because InterRed can be individually adapted to requirements as a Content Management System with numerous interfaces, the common conversion of the project worked at the highest level with regard to this factor too.

Close cooperation between InterRed and the Landwirtschaftsverlag

The Münster-based Landwirtschaftsverlag and the Siegen-based InterRed software house have already successfully worked on common projects for some time. Today, InterRed is responsible for creating the technical basis for the online portals for the magazines "profi", "SUS", "Reiter Revue International", "Elite" and "top agrar". The two companies worked closely and very successfully together on the latest project, "LandLust". Stefan Müller-Stock, head of project management at InterRed GmbH, appears content with the fast realisation of the project: "Thanks to the close collaboration with the Landwirtschaftsverlag the changeover to the InterRed Content Management System was achieved very quickly. The project was concluded successfully after a period of only a few months."