Templates for websites

InterRed websites are based on templates, which can be designed with the use of all available technologies (HTML, JavaScript, CGI, SSI, DHTML, etc.). For designing the developer does not have to change his used-to development environment. No special editor, which is often expensive and which involves time for familiarization, is required for the work. The designer can focus all his attention to his work.

What marks out the InterRed-templates is the possibility to use InterRed-tags. These special marks enable a linking of the InterRed-content to the templates. Furthermore, they create indexes automatically, place links at any position and arrange the insertion of any global code blocks. Control structures fade in or out sections of the website on the basis of different parameters, and, if desired, behave context-sensitive. Thereby, for example, bland table views can be improved by left/right-alternations, or complex, graphical, but nevertheless dynamic navigation menus can be created.